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Briefly, here’s the big picture:

You are a non-physical being who chose to temporarily inhabit a physical, human form. The entire Universe (Multi-verse actually, since there are countless realities) is really One Being, and everything that exists is that One Being perceiving through each form. You are that One Being, and so is everyone and everything else. You can call the One Being anything you like – Source, God, Brahman, Higher Self, whatever. It makes no difference, they’re all just human labels for the one Ultimate Reality.

The One Being is a gigantic Energy gestalt, and everything that exists is this Energy. It is non-physical. It is vibrational. It could also be called Awareness or Consciousness. It exists without the physical body or any form at all. When it inhabits a human body the brain acts as an interface connecting the non-physical Awareness with the physical body.

When the physical body dies, you (the Real Self) will return to your non-physical home where you come from. This is normal and natural and most humans have done this numerous times.

There is nothing negative about death at all. It is the ultimate illusion, as Osho said. In the afterlife there is no judgment, punishment, or any of the negative stuff man-made religious dogmas teach out of ignorance (or as a way of controlling people).

You are a creator and you came into your physical form to create your own reality, as you do in every moment. You are a microcosm of the Whole, and because the Universe is holographic, each small part actually contains the Whole. As Rumi said, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”

When Seth said “You create your own reality”, he did not mean that everyone creates the reality they want all the time. Many humans are, in fact, creating a reality they emphatically don’t want. This is simply because they are focused on what they don’t want (or the lack of, or absence of what they want) most of the time, and whatever you focus on is what you get back.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. You perceive and experience whatever you focus on, because the so-called “physical world” is not something “out there” that is separate from you. It is a mirror reflection of your inner reality, created entirely by your brain/mind. You are constantly translating vibrations into a reality your physical senses can perceive.

If you understand who your True Self is, then you’ll understand that everything is actually You appearing in different forms. “Do unto others as you’d have others do unto you”. Why? Because they are you. Everything you do to another you’re actually doing to yourself. This will become obvious when you return to non-physical and regain your memories of who and what you really are. As a human, you have given yourself a self-induced amnesia so that the physical experience will seem absolutely real, so that you may gain the maximum benefit from it.

You came into this physical form for the experience, knowing that you would continue to evolve as a result of it. Source/God/Higher Self is not static, but is continually evolving and expanding. Taking on human form is one way of doing this.