My name is Randy Chester, and this blog is about the spiritual insights and realizations I’ve had over the past 35 years or so.

My first spiritual experiences began when I was a teenager in Tennessee. I went to a Pentecostal church service and had a rather dramatic experience. Similar experiences continued for some 12 years.

I then came across the Higher Criticism of the Bible in a college class, and soon embarked on reading the works of several Bible scholars. This effectively purged me of my old dogmatic religious beliefs.

One night about this time, I had the profound realization that organized religions were generally composed of two separate components – dogma and direct experience. And though I was now convinced the dogma I’d been taught was entirely man-made, the spiritual experiences were real and genuine. This seems patently obvious to me now, but at that time it was almost a “revelation”.

So I set out reading anything I could find on any topic I thought might give me more insight, including books on spiritual/mystical experiences of various kinds, meditation, Eastern philosophy, science, philosophy, Buddhism, New Age, etc. I soon moved to Thailand and lived there for 15 years. I once taught World Religions and World History in an international school in Bangkok.

The most amazing thing, and the main theme of all this research, was that no matter where I looked I kept coming across the same basic insights. This was a surprise to me at the time. I also learned more and more to trust my own inner feeling about anything I read or heard. Some things resonated deeply with me, while others did not.

This blog presents many of those insights and ideas I’ve come to accept. Most importantly, my own personal direct experience validates these conclusions.

If these insights resonate with you, then great. Use them for your benefit.


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