Corey Goode/David Wilcock recent revelations

Posted: April 5, 2018 in Spiritual/Mystical

I am convinced that Corey Goode is the real deal. In feeling his energy/vibration, it feels 100% genuine and honest. In addition, I’ve come across corroborating evidence that what he has been describing (the revelations about our Secret Space Programs, the recent intervention of highly evolved beings to help liberate humanity, etc.) is indeed accurate. It’s mind-boggling stuff, but I’m convinced it’s true. Humanity’s immediate future is glorious beyond anything we can imagine.

Below are three links describing in detail the incredible events that have recently taken place, and that are about to take place in the very near future.

This first link is to an article by Corey Goode and David Wilcock describing in detail the important events which took place in December 2017. (There are 2 parts to this article, a link to the 2nd part is provided at the end of Part 1).

This 2nd link is to a 15-minute youtube video that sums up the above article:


This 3rd link is to a 3-hour “Fade to Black” radio program where host Jimmy Church interviews David Wilcock about the information contained in the above article:




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