Great interview: Robert O. Dean on ET contact

Posted: November 18, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical, Videos

This may be my all-time favorite interview – absolutely riveting throughout. I just came across Mr. Dean a couple of days ago and was surprised to find a retired military man who had such a deep understanding of spirituality/metaphysics, and understood that the ET/UFO phenomenon was, as he says, “95-99%” about spirituality.

I had basically quit watching videos from any military or government sources a while back because so many of them were just projecting their own inner fears onto the ET/UFO phenomenon and presenting it as negative, or deliberately engaging in disinformation.

Anyone who does not have a thorough understanding of real, genuine spirituality/metaphysics cannot possibly understand the ET/UFO phenomenon because it’s so deeply intertwined with what we’d consider spirituality or metaphysics. To these highly evolved beings, however, it’s just simple physics.

It was refreshing and rare to find a military man who fully understands all of this. Also, he’s had direct contact experiences with these extraterrestrial/extradimensional beings from the age of 2 1/2. Though this video is about two hours long, it doesn’t get boring. It’s interesting almost from the very beginning.

Bravo to Mr. Dean for having the courage to speak openly about all of this, and to inspire so many!


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