How I became aware of my ET contacts

Posted: November 17, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical


I want to briefly go through the step-by-step process of how I discovered I’ve had ET/extradimensional contact experiences since childhood, including physical encounters with the Grey beings from Zeta Reticuli.

I think I’ve always believed that UFOs and extraterrestrials were real, as far back as I can remember. Even when I was a Pentecostal Christian in the 1980s I had the vague idea that they were interdimensional beings of some kind.

In 1997 I came across the Art Bell “Coast to Coast” and “Dreamland” radio programs, which covered many fascinating topics such as near-death-experiences, out-of-body-experiences, theoretical physics, and UFOs/ETs. I learned a great deal of information listening to these programs, which included interviews with scientists who had worked on government UFO projects and others who had had direct contact experiences with ETs. I listened to Art Bell’s shows regularly for two years, until I moved to Thailand in 1999.

I also read a few books on the subject, including Col. Philip Corso’s “The Day After Roswell” and Whitley Strieber’s “Communion”. But the book that really opened my eyes to the fact that contact with these beings was a profoundly spiritual experience was the Harvard professor John Mack’s “Abduction” in which he gives detailed descriptions of the experiences of several of the 60 or so abductees he had interviewed. Since I was very familiar with spiritual experiences myself from my 11-plus years in a Pentecostal church, it was obvious to me that what these people were describing were indeed genuine spiritual experiences. My only question was whether it was happening in physical reality or on some higher level of reality. It seemed to be both, as both the ETs and UFOs appeared to be able to blink in and out of our physical reality.

I also remember hearing one government official saying that when he looked into the eyes of the ETs it was like looking into the eyes of Buddha or Christ, or like looking deeply into your own soul – a profound spiritual experience.

But although I was fascinated with the whole ET/UFO topic, I had no conscious memory or awareness of having had such contact experiences myself. So I basically laid the subject aside when I moved to Thailand and just pursued spirituality in general – in the form of certain New Age topics and Eastern spiritual philosophy, or anything that dealt with direct spiritual experiences – until this year, when the whole ET phenomenon came back into my life in full force.

I had never looked into any channeled material until 2006 when I read my first Seth book after reading that many people considered the books their favorites. I was immediately impressed. Seth presented himself as a non-physical being (but not an extraterrestrial). The material resonated deeply with me, and opened my mind to our multidimensional nature. The possibilities suddenly seemed endless. I’d been exposed to similar ideas while reading the “Conversation With God” books in the late 1990s, but Seth somehow really drove it home for me.

I never read or listened to any other channeled material until I came across Abraham-Hicks on youtube in 2014. Most of what Abraham said was quite simple compared to the things I’d been reading for years, but I quickly noticed that it seemed to raise my vibration every time I listened to it. And though it was geared mostly toward a more mainstream American audience (compared to my own rather unorthodox lifestyle), I think I needed to hear this material to ground me more into the Earth human experience. Prior to this, I’d basically viewed the physical world as something rather distasteful to put up with, and used my spiritual experiences to escape from it. Even though I’d known since the late 1990s that everything that existed was Source energy, including the physical world, I still greatly preferred my own inner experiences to the outer physical reality. So Abraham helped me in this area. (Abraham presents themselves as a collection of non-physical consciousnesses, but not as extraterrestrials).

In February of 2017 I discovered Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) after hearing someone on an Abraham video mention Bashar’s teachings as similar to Abraham, but more detailed. I discovered that Bashar presents himself as a multidimensional being from a planet in another reality (many humans would consider this an “extraterrestrial”), and his message resonated deeply with me. Much of his spiritual teachings were identical to what I’d concluded over the past 20 years, and I loved the way he clearly and powerfully presented them without the slightest doubt or hesitation – look humans, here’s what’s really going on.

Around April and May of this year I began getting the intuitive feeling that I’d had physical encounters with ETs. I never imagined I was involved before that because I had no conscious memory of such encounters. But I was listening to some Bridget Nielsen and Gabe Salomon videos about the Grey hybridization program and I just began to feel intuitively that I might somehow be involved with all this. It seemed unbelievable at first, but as I listened it seemed more and more real to me. Also, for years I’ve felt somewhat of a resonance with the whole Grey “abduction” phenomenon. When I read “Communion” some 20 years ago it seemed strangely familiar to me, and was very believable – especially the waking up in the night with Greys around the bed.

I also had started having some astral projection/out-of-body experiences many years ago at the age of 19, about the same time that I had my first spiritual experience in the Pentecostal church. In the very first astral projection-type experience I woke up in the night with my body feeling paralyzed, and felt myself floating toward the foot of the bed. I perceived an entity there who seemed to be pulling me toward him with some extremely strong energy that was pulsating and vibrating and making noises. At the time I had no idea what this bizarre experience was, and was afraid because of my newfound religious beliefs which included the existence of demons. I thought this entity must be a “demon” (which is hysterically funny to me now) and fought against the experience, and then suddenly found myself back in my body with the energy and entity gone. I didn’t get a good look at this being, but from what I recall it would have fit the general description of a Grey ET. A few more of these type of experiences followed.

Then about 17 years later I heard William Buhlman describing OBEs on the radio and realized I had been experiencing the beginning stage of OBEs. After that, I had no fear at all, and every time it would happen I’d perceive the beings around my bed as my benevolent spirit guides.

At age 19 I also had a dramatic experience where I was wide awake lying in bed when a being suddenly touched my shoulder and immediately powerful energy rushed through my whole body. I was paralyzed and could not move at all. After a few seconds of this it lifted as suddenly as it had come on, and the being was gone. I perceived this being as benevolent, possibly an “angel” (again, based on my religious beliefs at the time).

Then at the end of April of 2017 I had a strange experience one night when I woke up with a buzzing sound in my right ear. It sounded very physical and I thought it was a tiny insect in my ear, so I put my finger in and the buzzing stopped. My rational mind was concerned I’d killed the insect and it was lodged inside my ear, but my intuition was clearly telling me the buzzing was ET-related or somehow related to spirituality. I went to the hospital in the morning, and when the doctor found nothing in my ear I walked back to the waiting room with the overwhelming intuitive impression that the buzzing was definitely ET-related. This feeling was so strong I even said this to my friend who was there waiting for me.

About this time I discovered the hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon on youtube and her years of work with clients who have had ET contact experiences. I decided I wanted to be regressed back to any ET experience I’d had, or to one of those OBE or “angelic” experiences. I wanted to know who or what these entities were, especially with me now feeling that I’ve had ET contact experiences. The closest type of hypnotherapist I could find in Bangkok was someone who did past life regressions and “meeting your Spirit Guides/Masters” in the afterlife. I made an appointment and went to see him.

I told him about my OBE-type experiences and the “angelic” experiences, as well as some other experiences where I saw beings while doing the entheogen Salvia Divinorum five years ago. He suggested he regress me back to a past life briefly, then through the death experience where I’d meet my spiritual guides and could ask them any questions I wanted. I agreed with this plan. At first I was hesitant to mention the ET subject with him, but come to find out he was already into it and fully believed in it.

The past life turned out to be of a shaman in Peru around 900 A.D. Though the hypnotic state was lighter than I expected, I was getting impressions and mental pictures. Sometimes I’d actually see words spelled out in my mind’s eye (with my 3rd eye, I assume). I saw the word “Peru”, “900”, and “Yes” spelled out. When I got into the afterlife I asked my guides point-blank if I’d ever been on UFOs and the answer was an immediate “Yes”. I then got a picture of me inside a UFO with Greys and some humanoid ETs present. I asked about the “angelic” being who touched my shoulder, and they said it was one of them – these spiritual guides looked like the Beings of Light/Energy often described by near-death-experiencers. I asked about the OBE entities I’d perceived, and the impression I got was that they included many different types of beings.

A few days after this regression session I was meditating and suddenly, completely out of the blue, I got a mental picture of the word “ARCTURIAN” spelled out, exactly like had happened during the past life regression. This was unexpected, as I had not been thinking about Arcturians at all, and had only recently discovered who they were. I’d only seen a video a few weeks before that went over some ET races and mentioned the Arcturians as the most advanced race in the galaxy. This experience seemed like a telepathic communication from something outside myself. However, I had no idea why Arcturians would be communicating with me.

A few days later I was meditating to some Arcturian meditation music when I suddenly began to feel an energy I’d never felt before. It was 100% positive, but definitely felt different from the “Holy Ghost” energy I used to feel in my old church, and the energy I now commonly called “Source energy”. This new energy felt extremely light, a very high vibration, and somehow seemed ET-like. I assumed it was Arcturian energy since I was listening to an Arcturian video when it happened. A few nights later I woke up in the middle of the night with the strong feeling that I was deeply connected to the Arcturians – and in fact was an Arcturian myself who had chosen to start incarnating as a human on Earth. As unbelievable as this seemed to my rational mind, the impression from my intuition was very clear about this.

In May I discovered the channeler Rob Gauthier, known as the ET Whisperer, and immediately resonated with the highly evolved ET Aridif (an ancient Pleiadian whose race moved to a planet in the Deneb star system). His extremely detailed information given to clients in private sessions was exactly what I wanted. I knew I could ask any question I liked, and so booked a session with Aridif, the earliest available date being in August. I wanted to get to the bottom of all that was going on, and see if my intuition was correct. I’d listened to plenty of Aridif’s videos to be very impressed, so I had complete confidence in him.

When the session day arrived, the first question I asked Aridif was which ET races am I connected with? He said there are multiple varieties, but a handful that co-create most frequently, and even some that do so physically. He also said he understands the large energy behind the sharing of all these ideas with me, but that I’m here for a reason – to know, to understand, and to co-create. And so..

He said I’ve had physical encounters with the Grey beings from Zeta Reticuli since childhood (approximately age 6), and nonphysical experiences with them even before that. I was stunned by this unexpected information – as I’d never heard Aridif say this to anybody on any of the many videos of his I’d listened to, and I was so focused on the Arcturians by this time and expecting them to be my main connection. I was listening intently, but don’t think the full impact of this information was sinking in with me, as it was too stunning.

Afidif continued, saying that on three occasions they took my physical body into their spaceships, but a majority of my physical encounters with these Greys were while I was asleep at night when they’d come into my bedroom in their physical bodies to take DNA samples from my hair and skin, but none that were too intrusive. (I’d been noticing a few unexplained small scratches or cuts on my arms, hands, and legs in the mornings recently). Aridif said I was part of their hybridization program (having agreed to it from non-physical before incarnating), and that I have two hybrid children who have 50% of my DNA and 50% Grey, as well as multiple others who have less than 50% of my DNA. Not only that, but I also participated in their hybrid programs during my previous three human lives.

I asked Aridif about the night of the buzzing sound in my ear. He said the Zeta Greys were physically in my room while I was asleep that night, and after their physical bodies had left I was connecting with my hybrid children in both a physical and non-physical way, which is why the buzzing seemed so physical to me when I awoke.

Aridif went on to tell me I’m deeply connected to the Arcturians, having lived several hundred lives as an Arcturian. I’m also connected to Pleiadians and Sirians, and he went into some detail on the appearance of these various races. He said I co-create with all these races during my dream state, in my higher fractalized consciousness, and in other versions of myself.

I asked about the OBEs, he said the beings were mostly my spirit guides, but also other entities including the Greys. He also confirmed my past life regression was a real past life of a shaman in 900 A.D. Peru.

I booked a second session with Aridif for September, and he gave me more information on these Zeta Reticuli Greys I’m connected with – which are the original Zeta Greys and not one of the other races that humans commonly call “greys” because they look like the Zetas.

He also went into detail on the three times they took me into their spaceships, as well as the three different methods of memory removal they used on me so my conscious mind would not recall the experiences. The first time at age six I was asleep when they took me, but I woke up on the UFO and saw the Greys standing around me. They were as surprised as I was, mostly because I did not react with fear, just amazement. The second time they communicated with me for well over and hour. This encounter occurred about the same time I had that first spiritual experience in the Pentecostal church, so it could be that they were intrigued by that and wanted to find out more about how that experience was affecting my energy, consciousness, spiritual awareness, etc. (But I’m just speculating with that). In the third incident they communicated with me for 2.5 hours, and according to Aridif it delved deeply into the expansion of my consciousness.

I asked Aridif about my “Holy Ghost” experiences, and he said most humans would consider it a “kundalini rising” style of energy or an “open chakra flowing” energy. He said my chakras were operating at full capacity during those experiences.

He also told me the Salvia Divinorum beings I’d seen were “fairy” energy, and confirmed that I was indeed seeing energy during meditation, as well as small orbs. Also, he confirmed my recent full-blown OBE experience where I finally got away from the bed and my body and flew around outside, as well as going through closed doors.

Then I asked Aridif if he could connect me directly to a Zeta Grey and to an Arcturian so I could speak to them. Aridif is usually able to do this during a private session, and he did so with me. The Zeta conversation was just surreal. The voice, demeanor, and energy changed completely when the Zeta being came through and began speaking through Rob’s body. (Rob is a deep trance channeler who goes into an astral projected state and meets up with his main ET guide called TReb while Aridif speaks through Rob’s body).

The Grey being spoke with a very low voice with almost no emotion, and it was rather disconcerting for me. But I managed to pull myself together enough to tell him I wanted contact experiences with them, and especially physical contact. He said I am soon due for another physical experience, and he will forward my request to have my memory left intact to the “superior” of the project. He went over the protocols they use with humans, and gave me tips on how to connect with him during meditation. His words were actually very sweet – the first thing he said was, “Yes. Wonderful is a word that shows high appreciation of sharing. And that is where I am now, with high appreciation.”

The Arcturian told me my connections with them are much deeper than my mind is letting me in on right now, and gave me more information on various things, as well as tips on how to connect with him during meditation.

I’ve been working on connecting with both the Zeta and the Arcturian ever since, and am feeling their energy more and more. While I greatly appreciate any type of contact with galactic beings in whatever form they take, the physical contact experiences are extremely exciting for me, and I really want to have another one and be able to consciously remember it fully this time.

I would love to find a hypnotherapist who could put me into a deep enough state to go back and relive one of the physical encounters with the Greys. I also greatly look forward to more physical experiences, hopefully with memory left intact this time.


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