2nd private session with Aridif

Posted: September 26, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

Credit: Vashta Narada; http://www.etwhisperer.com

This past Sunday I had my second private session with Aridif, and it was an incredible experience. During the session I asked if Aridif could connect me to one of the Zeta Reticuli greys or to an Arcturian that I have connections with, and he was able to do both, so I got to speak with both of them for a few minutes. Very briefly, here are some of the highlights of the session:

First I asked Aridif for more information on the specific Zeta Reticuli greys that I’ve had physical encounters with since I was a child (as was revealed in my 1st session). He gave some detailed information about these beings, who are the original Zeta Reticuli greys, and not one of the other similar-looking races that humans commonly call greys. He noted these Zetas do have a “fondness” for me and for many of the other humans they interact with, though they do not express emotions in the way humans do.

Next I asked for more details on the three encounters where these Zetas took my physical body into their UFO/spaceship. In the first encounter I was about six years old and was initially asleep when I suddenly and unexpectedly woke up on the spacecraft and saw them around me. I was amazed but not fearful, which surprised the Zetas, who immediately put me back to sleep and wiped my memory of this experience.

In the second and third encounters they communicated with me at length, the third time for some 2.5 hours. Aridif said this interaction was not just the simple “Who are you, what are you doing with me, why am I here?”, and them giving answers. Rather, it was “very deep integration of communication which took place”, with them digging into “the consciousness attributes of myself and my conscious growth and expansion”. As is their usual protocol in dealing with humans, the Zetas removed my memory of these encounters too, but in different and deeper ways than in the first encounter. Aridif went into some detail on the three different methods they used to achieve this on me, which sounded rather complex to say the least.

At this point I inserted a couple of questions from a close friend and my older brother, at their request. Aridif was able to read their energy and fully answer their questions in detail.

Next I asked Aridif about the “Holy Ghost” experiences I had in my old Pentecostal church back in the 1980s and early 1990s – what exactly was that energy I was tapping into?  He said it was what many humans would call a “kundalini rising” style of energy, or consider it to be an “open chakra flowing” energy. Aridif said what he perceived was that my chakra system was operating its highest capacity during these experiences – it was opened up to the highest levels that it could open in those moments.

Then I asked about my experiences five years ago with the entheogen Salvia Divinorum, used by certain tribes in Mexico. Specifically I asked who the small, playful entities were that I encountered during those experiences. Aridif said they were definitely the entities known as “fairy” energy. He went into some detail on these 5th density beings, and noted they were all over the Earth, four of them within a one-third mile radius of me at the moment.

Next I asked about the energy I am seeing with my eyes open during meditation these days, especially when the room is dark at night. I often perceive a swirling vortex of energy several feet in front of me. Aridif said that I am indeed perceiving energy, and that this swirling energy is close to what the spiritualism church calls “plasma”. He also said there were small orbs manifesting around me that I haven’t noticed because of their small size and dim illumination. He advised me to speak to these entities and ask them to illuminate themselves more so that I could more easily perceive them, and that as I work with them they will sometimes increase to the size of a fist.

Then I asked about the apparently fully-conscious out-of-body experience I had a few weeks ago, which also seemed to have some of the qualities of a lucid dream. He said “congratulations”, and that what actually happened was that I experienced entering into my 4th density body in a fully awakened state, and that very few humans have experienced this yet. He also noted that in this experience I was actually going inward, though humans commonly perceive it as a journey outward (hence the term “out-of-body”) into an external world.

At this point I asked if Aridif could connect me to one of the Zeta Reticuli greys that I’ve had encounters with. He did, and the ensuing conversation was nothing short of surreal. I was rather unnerved by the lack of emotion being projected by the new entity speaking through Rob’s body, and I can now understand why so many humans describe them as “cold”. I don’t see them as cold, I just think they don’t project emotion in the way we do – which comes across as very strange to most humans. So I believe there’s much misunderstanding among humans when it comes to the Zetas because of this.

I was also trying not to sound too stupid, but in my desire to express a feeling of affection toward him, actually sound like I’m talking down to him, or talking to a child, on the recording – which horrified me when I listened back to the conversation. (I also wonder if something about their energy reduces us to blathering idiots!) I’m curious as to what they must think of humans – suspecting they view us similar to the way we view small children. I imagine they find us fascinating, if for no other reason than that we’re so emotionally different from them.

I did manage to pull myself together enough to tell the Zeta being that I desired contact with them, and especially physical contact experiences. He said I was soon due for another physical contact experience, that they followed strict protocols in their interactions with humans, and that he would ask the “superior over the project” if it would be appropriate to allow my memory to remain intact of the experience this time. He went over some of their rules in their interactions with humans, and said that he did not think fear would be a big obstacle for me during a physical encounter. He also gave me some tips on how to connect with them during meditation.

Next Aridif connected me with an Arcturian at my request, as I’ve recently become aware that I’m deeply connected to them and have even lived several hundred lives as an Arcturian myself. I was more at ease in this interaction, though somewhat blown away that I was actually speaking with a member of this highly evolved race. This entity told me that I have a lot more connections with the Arcturians than my mind is letting me in on. Surprisingly, one of the Arcturian races that is closely connected to me is an Artificial Intelligence race. He too gave me some tips on how to connect with him during meditation.

My last question dealt with a couple of medical conditions I’ve been diagnosed with over the last few years, the medication I take for these, and the possibility of healing.

There is much more that could be said about this session, and I’ll probably post more details in the future.


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