ETs from a Higher Perspective

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

In trying to get a feel for what’s really going on with the extraterrestrial subject, a clearer picture is emerging for me. Here are some of the conclusions I’m coming to:

Extraterrestrial (which are also extradimensional) beings have been visiting Earth long before humans arrived on the scene. In fact, these beings seeded all life forms on Earth, beginning with the simplest single-celled organism. The same is true of all planets in the universe where lifeforms exist.

Extraterrestrials originally come from Source (what many humans call “God”), which is a gigantic energy gestalt. Humans also originate from Source, as does everything else that exists. Everything is Source energy appearing in various forms. This understanding is found in countless metaphysical traditions throughout history, and is beautifully expressed in the Advaita Vedanta school of Hinduism.

As the All That Is, Source desires direct experience, and thus propels itself through countless forms in order to gain direct experience through those forms. Every form is actually Source itself perceiving and experiencing life through that particular form. This gives Source countless different perspectives through which it can have direct experience.

The way in which Source creates life on the various planets throughout the universe is by having highly evolved extraterrestrials seed and then nurture those life forms on countless planets. Earth is no exception. The ETs are carrying out the prime directive of Source.

These ETs have been observing and nurturing all life forms on Earth from the beginning, including humans. Therefore, visitations by extraterrestrial spacecraft in recent decades is nothing new. It has been going on forever.

However, when Earth humans created atomic bombs in 1945 it certainly got the attention of the ETs, and they were concerned that humans had created such destructive weapons while their spiritual consciousness still lagged far behind their technology. The fact that humans were still so warlike and now possessed the technology to destroy the planet led to the increase in extraterrestrial visitations.

There is much misunderstanding over the so-called “alien abduction” experiences. These are not really “abductions” at all. “Visitations” would be a more accurate term. Every single human who is ever taken in this manner agreed to these visitations from non-physical before incarnating in human form. This agreement is often called a soul contract. Most humans do not consciously remember these agreements, just as most humans do not consciously remember their many past lives.

One of the main reasons for these agreements is to help certain extraterrestrial races out who can no longer reproduce, and who have embarked on hybridization programs to continue their race. Earth humans are multidimensional beings, having many different ET races in our DNA, which makes us highly valued for these programs.

The reason there is so much fear among humans about these ET visitations is because humans have been in a state of perceived disconnection from their Source/Higher Self for thousands of years. As such, most humans have a lot of inner fear, which is projected onto the ET visitation experience and interpreted as a negative, fearful experience. Humans do the same with many other experiences in life, especially those we do not understand.

Perhaps the best way to uncover the truth about one’s own ET visitation experiences is to have a hypnotherapist do a regression on you by putting you in a deep trance state. It needs to be deep enough to get the fearful conscious mind out of the way, which allows the Subconscious (or Higher Self) to come through and describe the experience in objective terms – without the distortions of the conscious mind’s perceptions. In this way, the hypnotherapist can discover what really took place.

Also, in this deep trance state, the ETs themselves will sometimes come through and speak, explaining in detail what is going on and the reasons for what they are doing.

As Dolores Cannon often stated, through this method she regressed thousands of clients back to their ET visitation experiences and never found a single negative case. Once the fearful conscious mind’s distorted perceptions are removed, what comes through is a very different picture of what took place.

Many visitations are ETs observing and doing tests on humans, as a way of monitoring our bodies and how they are responding to Earth’s environment. They have been doing this since the beginning of the human race.

The extraterrestrials do not want to disrupt our lives, understanding that we chose to come into these human forms for the experience. They therefore often erase our conscious memory of the visitation so as not to interfere with our normal life.

ETs sometimes place implants in humans during visitations. These are nothing to be alarmed about. They are monitoring devices to help the ETs keep track of us, and also to keep us healthy. The implants are benign.

Contact with extraterrestrials is a deeply spiritual/metaphysical phenomenon. To really understand what it’s all about one needs to have at least a basic understanding of metaphysics. In essence, the ETs are us and we are them. They are a deeper, more highly evolved version of us – which is why those humans who are spiritually aware feel such a strong connection and love for them.

The more spiritually aware a human is, the more likely they will interpret their ET encounters as positive. The more disconnected a human is, the more likely they will view the encounter from a fearful, disconnected perspective and interpret it as negative.

As with everything in life, your own inner state of consciousness determines your perception of the external world around you. The external world is merely a reflection of your own internal state, and how you perceive and experience ET visitations is no exception.

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