Light language = speaking in tongues!

Posted: September 12, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

light-language-transformation-jamye-price-1The revelations are coming so fast and furious I hardly have time to write them all down. Tonight I got another jolt, and then synchronicity swooped in in a delightful manner.

The third chapter of the book Being With the Beings which I’m reading is an interview of Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, who I was not familiar with. So I looked her up on youtube and came across some videos of her talking about light language, and also speaking it. Though I’d come across the term light language in Jacqueline Smith’s section of Being With the Beings, I didn’t know exactly what it was until tonight. Much to my surprise, it appears to be what Pentecostal Christians call speaking in tongues!

I first heard Vanessa speaking light language, as at 1:45 in this video:

Not only does it sound like speaking in tongues, but the explanation of what it is, how it works, and its purpose fits perfectly with my own experience of speaking in tongues (I am an ex-Pentecostal Christian who spoke in tongues almost daily for over 11 years). Check out the explanations of light language on these two videos:


All of this resonates with me and describes the speaking in tongues experience perfectly. It is the soul speaking, a deeper part of you, and has nothing to do with the conceptual mind – which it bypasses completely. It is a direct experience.

As I continued looking for more videos on light language I came across a girl who lives in Bangkok who speaks and teaches light language, and has a Lyran Sirian Feline connection. So I texted her, telling her about my Pentecostal background and ET connections, and got a quick reply. She is currently in Peru on a shamanic journey. So I texted her again and told her I recently did a past life regression and it was of a shaman in Peru in 900 A.D. What a coincidence!

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