Out-of-body breakthrough!

Posted: September 5, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

Last night I had a major breakthrough with a fully conscious, full-fledged OBE (out-of-body experience). I’ve been wanting to have one since 1997 when I first heard William Buhlman on the radio and then read his book, Adventures Beyond the Body. However, I hadn’t been thinking much about OBEs lately because I’ve been so consumed with excitement over my contact with interdimensional/extraterrestrial beings.

It was when I heard Buhlman describing OBEs in detail on the radio in 1997 that I first realized I’d experienced the beginning stage of OBEs as far back as 1980 when I had some bizarre experiences in the night. But in those instances I only hovered a few inches above my body.

Last night I had asked one of my spirit guides to help me open my third eye, and was looking to see if I could see anything with my eyes completely closed – something I’ve been able to do at times in recent weeks and months, and sometimes very clearly. Last night I began seeing into what appeared to be other realities, other worlds, when the next thing I knew I was floating around away from my body. The vibrations I was feeling seemed to be propelling me around.

I remembered the tips from William Buhlman, such as don’t think about your physical body, and instead focus on where you want to go. Going from point A to point B during an OBE can be accomplished by thought alone. The natural inclination is to try and use your “body” to move about, but I’d tried this years ago and it didn’t work – I just stayed inches above my body.

Last night I thought about going outdoors, and then I found myself flying around outside. I went from place to place, some indoors and some outdoors, and encountered some walls and closed doors. I knew I could simply go straight through these closed doors. Sometimes I felt a little resistance, but kept focusing on going straight through the door, and then I was able to do it. Just as Buhlman had said, I could feel the energy of the door as I passed through it.

There were other humans around too. I approached some of these people and wondered if they’d be able to see me. I realized they could, and they were also aware that I was having an OBE. These humans appeared to be in the astral world also (or whatever reality I was in). I don’t believe I was seeing people in the physical world.

I recognized one particular place I was in as a room and building where I often go in my dream state, for some reason. There are usually humans in that room, and there were last night as well.

I’ve heard much about lucid dreams, but had never had one before. This experience seemed like what I imagined a lucid dream would be like, in the sense that I had my full waking consciousness and was aware of what was happening, and had control over what I did. Other than being fully conscious and awake, the reality I was in seemed somewhat dreamlike. (Perhaps because it was the astral realm, which is where I often go during dreams).

The experience further confirmed what I’ve long suspected – that my “dreams” are often actually excursions into other realities that are every bit as real as the physical world, if not even more real. When I awaken in the morning I remember these excursions in bits and pieces as “dreams”. But they were actually real, and sometimes the experience is an OBE.

The big difference last night was that my normal waking consciousness that perceives the physical world was fully aware during the OBE, and knew that the experience was as real as anything I experience in physical reality. The experience seemed to last quite a long while. When I returned to my physical body I was still aware of what was going on. I looked at the time and about 20 minutes had passed.

I reached for my phone to text my friend in the USA (who has been on a similar journey, and is ecstatically excited about the prospect of having his first OBE). His last text to me last night as I went to bed (and which I hadn’t seen yet) was:

“..and may u have an OBE.”

Ha! This was typical of the synchronicity that pops up continually in my life, and it was especially noticeable since we hadn’t even been discussing OBEs at all lately. I quickly sent a reply:

“OBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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