Bits and Pieces of ET Contact

Posted: September 2, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical


In recent weeks and months I’ve had various experiences during meditation that appear to fall into the “ET contact” category.

One night I was meditating and asked Aridif to give me a sign or let me feel his energy if he was present or could hear me. As soon as I said these words, I immediately felt what seemed to be a hand made of energy touch the top of my head and a very definite tingling sensation around my crown chakra area followed. Whoa! I’d never felt anything like that before, especially on the top of my head. The timing of it was far beyond anything that could be passed off as “coincidence”. (I concluded long ago that there was no such thing as coincidence anyway).

Another night during meditation I suddenly, and completely out of the blue, saw the word ARCTURIAN spelled out in a mental picture, very similar to the way I received some words spelled out during my recent past life regression. I had not been thinking about Arcturians at all, and this sudden experience seemed to be coming from an outside source, like a telepathic message from an ET. This was the beginning of the realization that I have a deep connection to the Arcturians.

A few nights later I was meditating while listening to a youtube video of Arcturian meditation music. While listening and focusing on the Arcturians, I began to feel an energy I’d never felt before. It’s hard to describe, but the most striking thing about it to me was how very, very light it felt. Lighter than air, lighter than a feather. It was an awesome energy to feel, as these were obviously very highly evolved beings. And their unconditional love for humans is mind-blowing and certainly enough to make you cry tears of joy as you stand in awe of their presence.

This energy felt quite different from what I’ve for years called “Source energy”, which I first tapped into during my first-ever visit to a Pentecostal church on December 30, 1979, and which the Pentecostals call the Holy Ghost. Both the Pentecostal and Arcturian energies I experienced felt 100% positive. I’m very familiar with the Pentecostal experience, having tapped into that energy on an almost daily basis for over 11 years back in the 1980s and early 1990s. But this Arcturian energy was noticeably different, though still very pure and positive.

A few nights ago I was meditating and focusing on the Grey entities from Zeta Reticuli that Aridif told me I had co-created with in both physical and non-physical ways. I asked these Greys if they were present to let me feel their energy, and immediately I felt a strong energetic prickling sensation around the tip of my right index finger. This was unusual, something I’d never felt before. Again, the timing of the experience was just too perfect to be passed off as mere coincidence.

Several months ago I began to notice during meditation what appears to be a vortex of swirling energy straight ahead in my vision. It’s most visible when my eyes are open while meditating at night with all the lights off. The darker the room, the more obvious this energy appears. I notice that the energy is swirling clockwise, but if I keep looking I can also see it spinning counterclockwise. It appears to be swirling in both directions at once.

Then I heard Drunvalo Melchizedek say in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life that the Mer-Ka-Ba energy fields around our bodies spin both clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously. I was startled when I heard this, and wondered if I was actually seeing the Mer-Ka-Ba.

In addition to seeing this swirling vortex of energy, I also began to see energy moving around the room – here and there as if I’m getting glimpses of entities or shadow beings. I get the feeling the room is filled with non-physical beings and I’m beginning to get glimpses of them.

And then there was the night I woke up out of a deep sleep with a buzzing sound in my right ear. It was a very definite physical-feeling experience, and I assumed a tiny insect was in my ear. This was a very strange experience, something I’d never had happen before. I instinctively put my finger in my ear and the buzzing stopped.

I was so convinced it was an insect that I went to the hospital to get my ear checked in the morning, concerned that I’d killed the insect with my finger and it was lodged inside my ear. However, my intuition was telling me the buzzing was related to ETs or my spiritual awakening process.

The doctor found nothing, and I got the impression the doctor didn’t believe there was ever an insect in my ear. As I walked back to the waiting room, I got the strong intuitive feeling that the buzzing was definitely ET-related. That feeling was so strong I actually told my waiting Thai friend that it was not an insect at all. Rather, the buzzing was connected to ETs. I was surprised I said this to him, but the intuitive feeling was so strong I just spoke it out loud.

When I asked Aridif about this incident during my private session, he told me the Greys were physically in my room in the hours before I woke up with the buzzing sound. After they left I then connected to my hybrid children in my sleep state. When I awoke I was connected both physically and non-physically to the children, and that’s why the buzzing seemed so physical to me.

The idea that the Greys were in my room in a physical form while I was asleep was both stunning and very exciting to me. I really want to have physical experiences with them and have full conscious remembrances of those experiences.

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