Society’s hysterical anti-ET propaganda

Posted: August 31, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical


Over the past few months it has become increasingly apparent to me that society’s anti-extraterrestrial propaganda does not resonate with me at all. I refer to such silliness as Hollywood movies portraying ETs as “evil” and intent on taking over the Earth.

I can hardly imagine anything more ludicrous – an idea that is firmly rooted in the worst forms of xenophobia, a prejudice every bit as ugly and unacceptable as racism among humans – and as always, firmly rooted in fear.

I also see mindless and hysterical reactions to the UFO and ET phenomenon from some government and military officials, and even from some of those interested in Ufology, including some of the contactees themselves.

It seems obvious to me that all of this fear-based hysteria boils down to the same thing: humans who are largely disconnected from their spiritual Self projecting their own inner fears onto an external phenomenon.

It’s the same old, tired game that’s been going on for millennia. Humans get so out of touch with their true Self, their Source, that they become blind, negative and fearful – especially of anything they do not fully understand. They then lash out against the perceived object of their fears.

Those who fall into this trap simply do not understand metaphysics or genuine spirituality. They have forgotten who and what they truly are. If they remembered, they would know that fear is a self-created illusion.

What does resonate with me is my own direct experience with ETs, which is entirely positive. Also people like Dolores Cannon and her 100% positive, eye-opening and inspiring books. When Ms. Cannon said she had regressed thousands of ET-contact cases and never found a single negative case – a veil was being lifted.

Those who view the so-called “alien abductions” with fear are always viewing it from the standpoint of the conscious mind of the human. When Dolores Cannon regressed her clients into the deep trance state known as the Somnambulistic state, which got the fearful conscious mind out of the way and allowed the Subconscious (or Higher Self) to take over, the perception of the entire ET experience changed remarkably. It became 100% positive and perfectly reasonable. And when the ETs themselves began communicating directly through the clients while in that deep trance state, it lifted the veil on the whole phenomenon.

Dolores Cannon once said that the conscious mind is the stupidest part of the human being. Indeed. How can we possibly expect people who don’t even know who and what they are to be able to accurately interpret an experience as strange (from the conscious mind’s perspective) as these?

I highly recommend Dolores Cannon’s books, especially the ones that deal directly with ET contact. I’ve recently read Keepers of the Garden, The Custodians, and am currently reading Convoluted Universe: Book 1. These are priceless in making sense of the ET-visitation phenomenon.

Others who resonate deeply with me are people like Rob Gauthier and the loving and fascinating extraterrestrial beings he channels. A wealth of profound insights await those who delve into this man’s connection to higher levels of consciousness/energies.

There are many more inspiring people out there, but suffice it to say that every time I find something that feels right to me, that resonates deep within, it’s always with the perspective that the overwhelming majority of ETs are highly evolved beings who love humans and have nothing but our best interests at heart.

And Dolores Cannon’s Keepers of the Garden¬†reveals that the ETs were here on Earth long before humans ever arrived on the scene. They not only planted the seeds of human life here, but of all life – from the beginning with single-celled organisms.

This is simply how it’s done, not only on Earth, but on every planet in the universe. The highly evolved ETs carry out Source’s (God’s) prime directive of seeding lifeforms throughout the cosmos.

These beings have no interest at all in “taking over” the Earth. They don’t even think like that – those are the thoughts of disconnected humans. Had they ever wanted to do such a thing, they could have easily done it at any time during the Earth’s very long history.

My advice is for people to ignore the silly, small-minded depiction of ETs so often found in movies, or any fear-based approach to the subject. Dive deep within yourself and find out what’s really going on with this fascinating and inspiring topic.

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Three-minute video summing up Dolores Cannon’s findings on ET contact with humans:


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