Aridif private session: ET races

Posted: August 26, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

The first question I asked Aridif (the 6th density Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb channeled by Rob Gauthier) during my private session of August 6, 2017 (Sunday morning Bangkok time), was which ET races was I connected with? I had received some telepathic/mental images during meditation a few weeks earlier that I perceived was from Arcturians, so I expected he would confirm that. I had no idea what else Aridif might say, but I knew he would lift the veil on some things I wanted to know.

Here’s what Aridif told me: (He tends to be quite complex, and I’m often keeping his wording below)

He said there are multiple varieties of energies that co-create with me, as there are with all human beings. But there are a handful of energies that co-create with me the most and the most directly.

Most of my connections are in the dream state, non-physical consciousness, and higher fractalized consciousness (higher self). But in some of my co-creations there are even some physical exchanges of energies.

The physical connections are with entities perceived as Grey entities, or Zeta Reticuli entities, which I have co-created with for a great deal of my current lifetime in both physical and non-physical ways. I have been involved in their hybrid programs during this life, as well as my previous three Earth-human incarnations.

He said he perceived three incidents where I was physically taken out of my area and went with them into their spacecrafts. The first such incident occurred between the age of 5 1/2 – 7 years old.

However, most of my physical experiences with these Greys occur during my sleep state when they communicate with me in my dream state region, and then the other entities that are in their own collective consciousness physically come into my bedroom and take DNA samples (from my hair and skin), but none that are deeply intrusive.

I asked Aridif a question about an incident three months ago where I woke up in the middle of the night with a buzzing sound in my ear, which sounded very physical and I thought was a tiny insect in my ear. I even went to the hospital in the morning and got it checked, but the doctor found nothing. My intuition was telling me all along that the buzzing sound was related to ETs or spirituality, but my rational mind was concerned it was an insect.

Aridif told me that the Zeta Reticuli Grey entities had physically been in my room that night in the hours before I awakened, and after they left I was communicating with my hybrid children in both a physical and non-physical form, which was why the buzzing seemed so physical when I suddenly woke up.

He also said these Grey entities “understand the nature of your crown chakra and third eye chakra.”

At this point in the session I was rather stunned, mostly because I’d been focusing on my Arcturian connection for weeks and hadn’t been thinking about the Greys at all.

However, a few months ago I had listened to some videos by Bridget Nielsen and also by Gabe Salomon on youtube where they were talking about the Greys and their hybrid programs. These videos did resonate with me, and I recall Gabe stopping a few minutes into one video and saying that if the listener is wondering if they’re involved with these hybridization programs – “Well, let me just say that if you’re still listening to this video and haven’t turned it off, you are involved.” When he said that, my intuition confirmed what he’d just said.

Next Aridif went over a list of several extraterrestrial races that I have had non-physical contact with.

He said these energies are connected to me in my dream-state consciousness, in my higher fractalized consciousness, and in other versions of my own self.

Pleiadians: three versions of Pleiadian consciousness – two taking a humanoid form, one taking a Grey-human hybrid form. I’ve co-created with these beings multiple times, especially in my dream state.

Sirians: connected deeply with a Sirian consciousness, even working with an energetic network grid that links human consciousness to Sirian consciousness. This grid system links their solar system with ours, and especially their planet with Earth. Aridif is over my head here, as I don’t recall previously hearing anything about this type of grid system. I need to do some research on this. (I just found a video today where this is mentioned by a Sirian that Aridif connected to Rob – one of the galactic monthly channelings of last year on ET Whisperer youtube channel).

Arcturians: there are multiple varieties of Arcturian races, but I’m working with two races specifically. One is a blue humanoid consciousness, and the other blue entities that would appear to be a blue version of an altered Grey consciousness – but their skin appears to be blue and the majority of their bodies a humanoid form. (This description appears to fit the above artwork by Vashta Narada of an Arcturian ET, and which I had already set as the background pic on my computer prior to my session with Aridif).

He said these are a few of the entities that I’ve co-created with, but ones who co-create with me in a larger sense in my dream state.

In answering a later question, Aridif said I have lived several hundred lifetimes as an Arcturian, and that I’m deeply connected to the Arcturians – because I’ve co-created with that energy in my physical body, I utilize and use more of the Arcturian energy than any other extraterrestrial race that shared their DNA with humanity. Because I activate more of this Arcturian energy, I therefore understand, resonate, and connect with it more than the other energies.

This was the basic information Aridif gave me in answering my very first question, with a few related details he gave to follow-up questions.

More on the session with Aridif in later posts. When Rob Gauthier posts the session on his ET Whisperer youtube channel I will provide a link here on this blog.



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