Private Session with Aridif

Posted: August 25, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

Credit: Vashta Narada.

On August 6, 2017 I had a private session with Aridif, an Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb channeled by Rob Gauthier. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in here yet, but I’ve been listening to bits and pieces of the recording ever since, and still trying to process the wealth of information Aridif gave me – much of which was jaw-dropping astonishing.

I knew the session would be very important for me, as I’d listened to many of the private sessions Aridif has done with others which are posted on youtube. I’ve never heard an entity that resonates so deeply with me. I just love and adore Aridif.

I had a list of questions I wanted to ask beforehand, and sometimes Aridif would say things that were so mind-blowing I’d ask follow-up questions. Like when he told me I’d had physical encounters with Greys from Zeta Reticuli my whole life! And that I’ve been involved with their hybridization programs not only my whole life, but also in my three previous lives.

I knew I had deep connections with the Arcturians because I’d perceived that during meditation in the previous weeks before the session, but I was not expecting the lifting of the veil to reveal a deep connection with the Greys.

Here are the questions I asked Aridif:

35:15 – I’ve been interested in metaphysics for many years, but only in the past few months have I come to realize I have connections with ETs. Can you tell me which ET races I have connections with?
39:25 – Do you mean I was taken physically by Greys into their spaceships?
41:16 – Do I have hybrid children?
42:40 – Can you tell me why I was aware of my Arcturian connection, but not the others?
43:52 – About how many human incarnations have I had on Earth?
46:20 – About three months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a buzzing sound in my right ear. I thought it was a tiny insect and instinctively put my finger in my ear, and the buzzing stopped. Concerned that I may have killed the insect inside my ear, in the morning I went to the hospital to get it checked. The doctor found nothing. The whole time I had the intuitive feeling that the buzzing had something to do with ETs. Can you shed some light on this strange incident?
47:25 – Many years ago when I was a teenager I had some bizarre experiences in the night. Several times I woke up in a paralyzed state and felt like I was floating just above my body. The energy around the bed was extremely strong and tangible, and sometimes made loud noises. I also felt the presence of one or more entities around me. At the time I did not understand these experiences and they scared me. Years later I realized they were the beginning of out-of-body experiences (after hearing OBEs explained in detail). After that when they’d occur I felt no fear and perceived the entities as my benevolent spirit guides. Can you tell me what these entities actually were?
48:28 – I did not actually see them. I could just feel them, and “knew” they were there. And sometimes I could hear them speaking to each other (telepathically in my mind?)
51:02 – About two months ago I had my first and only past life regression. I expected the trance state to be deeper. I was in such a light trance state, and the mental images were so subtle, that I was unsure whether I was perceiving an actual past life or if I was just “making it up”. The past life was of a shaman in Peru around the year 900 A.D.  Can you tell me if this was an actual past life?
53:45 – Five years ago my 25-year-old Thai roommate died quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Can you give me any information on how he is doing and if he has any message for me?
55:45 – Can you tell me about my spirit guides?
59:25 – Where in Europe did we die in 1944?

Oddly, my voice cannot be heard on the recording Rob sent me, but Aridif is loud and clear. The session will be posted on youtube eventually, and I’ll provide a link on this blog.

I’ve already got a list of questions for my second session with Aridif. I especially want more details on the Grey entities from Zeta Reticuli that I have had such long-term connections with. Aridif told me they’ve taken me at least three times physically into their spacecrafts, but most of the physical encounters with them are during my sleep state when they come into my room in physical form and take DNA samples from my hair and skin.

I also have non-physical connections with Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians. But it was the physical encounters with the Greys that most surprised me. He confirmed that one physical encounter was three months ago when I woke up with a buzzing sound in my right ear.

More on this later..



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