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Before I dive into this, let me clearly state that ALL beings, regardless of whether they are incarnating on Earth as humans or as ETs on other planets or in other realities, originate from Source. We are all Source energy. So in that sense, there is no difference.

But some entities have had hundreds of thousands of incarnations as humans on Earth, while others are now experiencing their very first human incarnation. Some starseeds have had hundreds of thousands of incarnations on other planets or realities, and many of these are far more highly evolved and spiritually enlightened than Earth. Because of these experiences, they view Earth very differently from earthseeds.

Realizing you’re a starseed suddenly makes sense of a lot of things, especially how you’ve always viewed human societies on Earth.

I’m not wanting to offend anyone, but I do want to get the main point across – that is, how very differently starseeds view the whole human experience on Earth. Here’s a partial list of things that suddenly made a lot of sense upon discovering my origins:

  • Why I see Earth humans as such primitive creatures
  • Why I have no interest in most things humans seem to find interesting
  • Why I perceive human societies/cultures as oppressive
  • Why I see organized religions as largely man-made creations, filled with distortions on spirituality
  • Why I had no desire to grow up and become as adult when I was a child
  • Why I viewed adults as living a prison-life
  • Why I saw formal education as oppressive, basically an indoctrination system
  • Why human science bores me so much
  • Why I view humans as often making a big deal out of things that amount to absolutely nothing
  • Why I’m so interested in transcendental/spiritual topics and experiences
  • Why I like sleeping so much – you get out of the physical body
  • Why I’ve always found it easy to believe in ETs/UFOs
  • Why violence repulses me so much
  • Why I find racism so incomprehensible
  • Why certain music resonates so deeply with me
  • Why I’ve never had a desire to have my own children
  • Why I’ve sometimes had suicidal thoughts – anything to get out of here!
  • Why things in the physical world are far less interesting than spiritual/metaphysical things
  • Why TV bores me so much
  • Why TV commercials or any form of advertisements bore me so much and seem so shallow
  • Why I’m not attracted at all to the vast majority of humans – male or female


Other differences:

Human societies are filled with fear – an emotion that doesn’t even exist within more highly evolved races.

Humans societies have a strong belief in lack – a concept that also doesn’t exist in more highly evolved societies. These entities completely understand that they create their own reality, and can create anything they desire – and as much of it as they want. There simply is no such thing as lack. Humans only experience lack because they believe in it so strongly.

By removing just those two concepts, fear and lack, humans could completely transform their lives and societies overnight. Almost all the conflicts and problems in human societies are a direct result of the emotion of fear, and the belief in lack.


I recently heard on a youtube video the mention of two characteristics commonly found among starseeds, neither of which were on the long lists of traits I’d seen before. This immediately got my attention because both applied to me. (On the previously seen long lists of characteristics, almost all applied to me, with many describing me perfectly).

The first was having no desire for children. I have never, at any point in my current physical life, had any desire whatsoever to have my own children. Some people see this as rather strange, even incomprehensible. I never really understood why I never had this desire that seems extremely important to so many humans, but it is definitely the way I’ve always been.

From what I heard, starseeds do not want to get bogged down in Earth’s human reincarnation cycle. They simply want to get out of here (the faster the better!), and therefore do not want any additional attachments to this planet.

The second characteristic was suicidal tendencies. Starseeds do not have suicidal thoughts for the reasons many others have them. It’s simply a matter of having to live in what they view as a primitive and unenlightened society that so turns them off and makes this life difficult. They just want to get out of here, and to get back home to a far better world.

Imagine if you will, if you were suddenly transported back in time to the Dark Ages in European history, or to some really barbaric age in mankind’s past. This is how starseeds view the human Earth experience today. They come from places that are far more highly evolved/advanced and enlightened. Their races are much more intimately connected to their Source/Higher Self. They do not experience the extreme disconnection so common among Earth humans.

I know I came here for a reason, and would much prefer to finish that experience before checking out. But the suffocating feeling of being in such a severely restrictive environment and body is not easy, and has at times led me to thoughts of suicide as a possible way out. The best way of coping with this is to tap into Source energy, and feeling that energy lifts you above any situation. It is indeed true that alignment with your Source/Higher Self trumps everything else.