Resonant Truths vs. Non-Resonant Truths

Posted: June 22, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

Many humans waste a lot of time trying to distinguish between what is true and what is false. When they encounter something they believe is false, they often begin pushing against this “falsehood”, or against the person speaking the falsehood, which results in getting all tied up in negative energy.

But here’s a brief description of what’s actually going on:

There are an infinite number of realities or parallel universes in which everything that can be imagined already exists, is real, and is “true”. Regardless of how outlandish a belief may appear to you, there is at least one person who genuinely believes it and therefore perceives and experiences it in their parallel reality. It is as “real” to them as anything you experience in your own reality.

Instead of attempting to distinguish between what is “true” and what is “false”, simply realize and accept that everything is “true” in some reality. All things are indeed “true”. All things are Source energy, an endless stream of energy that encompasses everything.

It’s not a matter of whether something is true or false. It is a matter of whether it resonates with your truth or not. It’s your decision as to what you choose to experience as your own truth in your own reality.

When you encounter something that does not resonate with you, simply lay it aside as a non-resonant truth. Recognize that it is a truth, not a falsehood. It’s just not a truth that you prefer to experience. In other words, simply accept it (rather than pushing against it). Allow others to experience whatever they choose to experience – for they’re going to anyway!

By doing this, you give yourself peace of mind. You do not need to waste your energy trying to push against things or against people. Simply lay aside non-resonant truths and ignore them. Focus on what you DO choose to experience. Revel in those things, and get excited about them. The more you do this, the more you attract those things into your own experience.

[This post was inspired by Aridif, an Ancient Pleiadian entity from Deneb who is channeled by Rob Gauthier, at]


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