Imagination vs. True Connection: No Difference

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

During an About Oneness radio call-in show, a caller was interested in making contact with the extraterrestrial entities around him, and asked Aridif (an Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb channeled by Rob Gauthier) how he could tell the difference between his own imagination and a real connection with the extraterrestrial entities. Aridif’s reply was like dropping a hand grenade into my consciousness. Here’s part of the caller’s question and Aridif’s answer in part:

Caller: How to discern between something I’ve imagined in my mind versus a true connection?

Aridif: What we can tell you about imagination versus true connection is that there is no difference. When you are using your imagination you are connecting to portions of your consciousness that create. While you are creating you are tapping into all parallel existences in which one of those imaginations exists. What we can tell you is that when you begin to stop questioning whether it is true or whether it is imagination, then you will know it is true. 

[To listen to the complete question and answer, it’s at 1:02:00 of this interview:]

There are an infinite number of parallel realities/universes all around us. Everything that any of us can possibly imagine already exists, is real, and is “true” in at least one of these parallel realities. When we use our imagination, we begin shifting into parallel realities where this thing we’re imagining already exists. (We are always shifting through countless parallel realities every second anyway).

So we don’t have to create something out of thin air. Nor do we ever need to change the Earth/reality we’re in. Rather, we simply shift to different parallel realities where what we’re imagining is already manifested. And when we really believe in what we’re imagining, it speeds up the process.

If this idea seems strange, it’s only because we were raised in a society that takes its left-brain orientation to such an extreme that it almost completely ignores our right-brain abilities. It simply does not understand what imagination truly is, nor the enormous power behind it. Even when someone like Einstein makes statements like the quote above, it seems a complete mystery to most people. Another Einstein quote is “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Clearly, Einstein saw things very differently from our modern materialistic society.

And so, understand that you are the creator of your reality. Focus on whatever you prefer to experience. Imagine it. Visualize it. Bring it into your perception and experience. If you desire a real connection with nonphysical or extraterrestrial entities, imagine it. They are always available and ready to connect with you.

One more thing – relax and have fun with it. Play with it. Be light and easy. There’s nothing serious going on here anyway – so lighten up, human.


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