Hypnotic Regression and Extraterrestrials

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical
During the past couple of weeks I’ve done three things that I’d been wanting to do for years – hypnotic regression, a sensory deprivation tank, and Reiki.

My dad asked some questions about the hypnotic regression session when he saw my brief mention of it on Facebook. The following is mostly taken from emails I sent him about the session:

The French hypnotherapist also does pranayama and Kundalini yoga. He specializes in past life regression and meeting your spiritual masters/guides. What I really wanted was to find out more about the entities that I’ve been experiencing off and on since 1980. He recommended a brief past life regression, followed by the death transition experience where I’d be able to ask my spiritual guides directly. It worked, and I got my questions answered.

The past life part was much more emotional than I expected. The death transition was exactly what I expected – very easy, natural and familiar. The guides were beings of bright white light/energy.

During the hypnosis I felt a warm energy all around me, really noticeable when he brought me out of it. I was fully conscious and aware the whole time.

The sensory deprivation tank was very relaxing, much like a deep meditation. It’s pitch dark, soundproof, and feels like zero gravity because you’re floating on water with a huge amount of salt in it. The water and air is your body temperature, so after a few minutes you cannot feel your body. It felt familiar to me because I’ve been meditating more than ever recently.

[My dad asked some specific questions about a past life regression, reincarnation, and if the hypnosis was similar to my Pentecostal (Christian) religious experiences when I was in my 20s.]

Yes, past life regression is taking you back to a previous life. The hypnotic state is quite different from the Pentecostal experience. I would describe the Pentecostal experience as tapping into “Source” energy. (Source being the All That Exists, the Energy that both creates everything and is everything. Hindus call it “Brahman”). This is the same Source that near-death experiencers are attempting to describe when they get into the presence of the Light. (Some would call it “God”). It is an overwhelming sense/feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. The experience is powerful and transformative. You know you’ve tapped into the Ultimate, the very Source of happiness and joy. However, it’s really difficult to put into words or adequately describe. It must be experienced directly to be understood.

I am still tapped into this energy on a daily basis, though of course I no longer believe in the doctrines that the Pentecostals teach and believe. Anyone can tap into this energy in any religion or without a religion at all. I feel the same energy every time I meditate. All religions are attempting to describe this energy in various ways.

The hypnotic state that I experienced was quite subtle. I could feel the familiar Source energy, but in addition there was a warm energy surrounding me that I’ve never felt before. It was extremely relaxing. Subtle mental images would come. When I would accept and follow them they became clearer.

I haven’t tried self-hypnosis since the session, but it might be easier to do now. I actually tried it with a guided youtube video the night before the session, and did have subtle mental images then too.

I have believed in “reincarnation” for 20 years, though not quite in the way religions tend to present it. Organized religions tend to distort things, or dumb them down for the masses. But the bottom line is that virtually all humans have lived many incarnations either on this planet, on other planets, or in completely different realities.

One experience I wanted to know about was probably the most dramatic one because I was wide awake, fully conscious and aware. It happened in 1980 in the basement bedroom of your house one night. I was alone and lying down in bed but not yet ready to go to sleep. (I had just joined the Pentecostal church a few weeks earlier). Suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. Immediately the Source/Holy Ghost energy surged through my whole body and completely paralyzed me. I could not move at all. It felt exactly like the “Holy Ghost” energy, but much stronger. I was trying to turn my head to see this Being beside me, but I could not move. At the time, I perceived it as benevolent – either an “angel” or maybe Jesus himself. So I wasn’t really scared, but the enormous power of this entity was mind-blowing and shocking. It’s one thing to theorize about such entities, but to actually experience one first-hand is a very different thing. I felt completely and utterly helpless in the presence of this entity, and was certainly glad it was benevolent.

I also wanted to know who the entities were that I’ve perceived on quite a few occasions through the years when I’d wake up in the night with sleep paralysis in an out-of-body state. These started in 1980, and were initially shocking and bewildering to me. The energy around the bed was very tangible, pulsating and vibrating – as was I in this nonphysical state. The energy was also very loud at times. I perceived entities also, and being Pentecostal at the time, I did not perceive them as benevolent. I was scared, didn’t know what they were or what was happening. The whole experience was bizarre and inexplicable to me at the time.

Then 17 years later I heard William Buhlman on the radio describing out-of-body experiences, and it fit my experiences perfectly. I had been having the very beginning of a typical OBE but just didn’t know what it was. These kind of experiences are found in most cultures throughout history and all over the globe (about 89%). After realizing what they were, when they’d happen again I would perceive the beings as benevolent spirit guides. Sometimes I could actually hear them speaking, though this may well have been some form of telepathy.

In the late 1990s I listened and read quite a bit on the whole UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon. The evidence was quite strong, and I believed they were real. I had the impression they were extradimensional – able to come in and out of our physical reality at will. I also knew the experience with them was often a deeply and profound “spiritual” one. The Harvard professor John Mack’s “Abduction” clearly showed this, and that’s the conclusion he came to after interviewing some 60 abductees.

But because I had no conscious awareness of any experience with ETs or UFOs, I laid the whole topic aside and pursued more relevant matters.

Fast forward to 2017…

I’ve read and listened to the best spiritual teachers I could find since 1997. Over the years I found several human teachers I liked, but in 2006 I read one of the Seth books after hearing many people consider them the best books they’ve ever read. I was blown away by the profound nature of what Seth was saying, as it resonated deeply with me. I thought it was deeper and superior to any human philosophy I’d ever come across. Seth claimed to be a nonphysical entity that was channeled by Jane Roberts from the 1960s – 1980s. Jane Roberts was an intellectual who had no interest in spiritual, psychic, or paranormal things until these bizarre experiences began with Seth. She turned the channelings into books which became hugely popular and single-handedly started the modern New Age movement. As for me, I didn’t really care who Seth was or where the information was coming from. The messages themselves were what thrilled me, and gave me piercing insights into the nature of reality and who we really are. It was almost irrelevant where the information actually came from. (Seth does not claim to be an extraterrestrial, but a nonphysical entity who is no longer incarnated in any physical form).

Then I discovered Abraham-Hicks in 2014. “Abraham” is a group of nonphysical beings who have been speaking through the Esther Hicks since 1985. She does not even use the term “channeling”, and often refers to Abraham as “Infinite Intelligence” or simply as “inspiration”. It was Seth who first said, “You create your own reality.” For the past 30 years, Abraham has been explaining in detail exactly how we create our own reality. Again, the information itself is what attracted me to Abraham.

A few months ago I discovered another channeled entity called Bashar. When I first heard Bashar he was saying everything I’d already realized myself about who we are, what reality is, what “spirituality” is really all about, etc. So it all resonated deeply with me. He also talks about extraterrestrials and UFOs in much detail. Bashar says he is an extraterrestrial from a planet in a parallel universe. Once again, it was the information itself that I found so profound, and as I listened to what he said about ETs, UFOs, and the origin of humans, it all made perfect sense.

By the way, because of my many years of direct experience with high vibrational, nonphysical energy, I am very sensitive to energy and can immediately tell if a book or teacher resonates with me or not. It’s an obvious case of something being deep and profound and of interest to me, or not.

Some of the stuff Bashar was saying about ETs and human origins would be shocking to some people. But it all just resonated with me and didn’t faze me too much.

A couple months ago I came across another teacher I like a lot called Aridif, channeled by Rob Gauthier. Aridif has, at times, completely blown my mind. He has lobbed several grenades into my consciousness, forcing me to expand my awareness. He says he is an Ancient Pleiadian whose race moved to the planet Deneb. He is an upper 6th density (the highest physical level) entity who is ready to move into 7th density (the first nonphysical density). That is probably why his messages are so profound – his consciousness is extremely high for a physical being.

So at the moment I’d have to say Aridif and Bashar are probably my all-time favorite teachers, and both are extraterrestrials. I’ve also discovered other ETs who resonate with me, as well as humans who are having incredible direct experiences with ETs. I must say I never expected any of this to happen, and would have been surprised just a few months ago. But I know enough to follow my bliss, and this is where it’s leading me.

As I realized more and more that extraterrestrial entities have played a huge role in human history, and are deeply intertwined with what we think of as “spirituality”, I began to wonder if I have had contact with them but was just not consciously aware of it. This is very common among humans who have had contact. The ETs are easily able to block out all of the human’s memories of a contact experience, and the human brain alone can also do this if it perceives the experience as too bizarre or threatening.

I don’t like the term “abduction” because it implies being taken against your will. While this is how the human’s conscious awareness may perceive the experience, the channeled ETs say that no one is ever taken unless that person agreed to it on a spiritual level before incarnating into the human body. (The Greys who often do the “abducting” are actually future Earth humans from a parallel timeline who destroyed their planet, were forced to mutate, and are now unable to reproduce. They need “past”, pre-mutated humans in order to create hybrid races to continue their own physical existence.) As bizarre as this may sound, it certainly seems to be what the “abduction” phenomenon is all about.

Knowing the ETs often take humans during their sleep state – they actually take the “astral body” while the human is having an OBE, I began wondering if they had something to do with my own OBEs. Also, I was increasingly feeling a general connection to the highly evolved ETs, and my intuition was telling me there’s more to this picture than I was consciously aware of. So that’s another thing I wanted to ask during the hypnosis.

The mental images during hypnosis were very subtle at first, but they got clearer. I first perceived a boy standing alone in a mountainous area overlooking a huge canyon or drop-off. The vegetation was lush, and the word “Peru” came to me out of nowhere. The hypnotist asked for the year. I had no idea at all, but then I suddenly felt and saw the number “900”. I knew it was 900 A.D.” How you’re getting this information is very difficult to describe to Westerners who tend to be extremely left-brain oriented – to the point of almost completely ignoring their right-brain abilities. But it’s surprising how easy and natural it is. It’s not difficult at all, really just about relaxing and allowing the energy/inspiration to flow.

The boy comes to this place of breathtaking natural beauty (it reminded me of Machu Picchu) because it is a spiritual experience for him. He feels close to nature and close to Source here. He is deeply interested in spirituality. The hypnotist then took me forward in time. I see a tribal religious ceremony with dancing and music/drumming. The boy is now a spiritual leader, a shaman. The people come to him for all kinds of things because he is more connected than they are, and can see and know things they cannot.

Next we go forward to his death. I see him lying on a cot, people are lined up to see him. Up until this point I was viewing the whole thing from a detached perspective, like looking at a 3rd person (though I knew the shaman was me). But when the moment of death came, I became the shaman’s spirit/consciousness that began to rise up above his body. This familiar floating sensation was so very easy, natural, and blissful. In seconds I’m in a beautiful place of Source energy, and several of my Spiritual Guides are there. These highly evolved entities are made of bright white light/energy. I mentally ask them questions. No words are necessary, communication is done telepathically.

Who was the Being who touched my shoulder in 1980? Immediately I get a mental picture of one of my Spiritual Guides.
What about the OBE entities? For some reason, I wasn’t clear on the answer to this. There may have been many different types of entities over the years. Or the whole experience may have been so otherworldly that my brain couldn’t translate it into anything that would make sense to my conscious awareness. So I move on to the next question, which cut to the heart of the matter anyway.

Have I been on starships/UFOs? “Yes”.
Then I get a mental picture of being in a UFO. It’s very clean and white. I see ETs that look like the often-described Nordics or Tall Whites. They are humanoid, and seem to be in charge. It’s their ship. I also see a few Greys.

I ask the Guides what my main reason for coming into this incarnation was. An immediate answer – “You already know.” Indeed, I had already realized in the past few weeks and months that I came here to be involved in the shifting of consciousness to a higher level that’s taking place on Earth at this time. This is a momentous event in human history. We are evolving to a higher level. They tell me my whole life has been preparing for this.

So those were the basics of the hypnosis experience.

More on ETs, UFOs and the government:

Many people have come forth and admitted they’ve had personal encounters with ETs and/or UFOs – CIA agents, military intelligence people, fighter pilots, commercial pilots, astronauts, politicians, world leaders, scientists who worked at S4 near Area 51, etc. Not to mention thousands or even millions of regular people. The UFO incident known as the “Phoenix Lights” was witnessed by thousands in 1997, yet the mainstream media barely mentioned it. Even the Republican governor of Arizona has finally admitted he witnessed the enormous spacecraft himself, saying you could not only see it, but feel it. He said he knew it was extraterrestrial because you could just feel it in your gut.

(The channeled ETs say that the “Phoenix Lights” UFO was flown by the Yahyel – an extremely benevolent race. They are one of the hybrid groups created by the Grey abductions, and consider us family. They will also be the first to make open contact with us because of their close connection to us. The purpose of the Phoenix Lights incident was to gauge how ready we were for open contact. The fact that our media barely mentioned it clearly showed them we were not ready).

The energy of these highly evolved extraterrestrials is extremely high from a human perspective. The effect on humans is that it forces our suppressed emotions to the surface, and could cause some to go into psychological shock. This is why so many humans initially perceive their contact with ETs as frightening – they are projecting their inner fears onto the external experience. But many contactees who have repeated experiences and work through their fears begin perceiving the experiences as very positive, even blissful.

I have listened and read many spiritual teachers through the years, especially since 1997 when I had an awakening and realized what was basically going on. I read well over 150 books, maybe 200, on anything I thought could give me more insight. The most amazing thing was that I kept coming across the same insights over and over again no matter where I looked. From all kinds of direct personal experiences such as near-death experiences, OBEs, insights from meditation, entheogens/psychedelics, encounters with ETS/UFOs, insights from mystics, shamanism, all kinds of psychic or paranormal phenomenon, and various other mystical experiences. Also from Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and indigenous religions all over the globe, as well as the mystical elements within Christianity (Gnosticism), Judaism (Kabbala), and Islam (Sufism). We could also throw in inspired writings of all kinds – Emerson, Thoreau, numerous poets throughout history, as well as our very best scientists such as Schrodinger, Planck, and Einstein. Also, more recent scientific research has shed much light on all this. No matter where you look, you come across the same ideas. But most importantly, if you have your own mystical/spiritual experiences yourself then you have the most powerful evidence of all – which is always direct personal experience.

So here are some of the major themes found repeatedly in the above areas:

1.Everything that exists is energy, and this energy is aware. It is conscious. It is alive. It is information itself.

2. There is ultimately only One Being that exists – in the universe and in every other reality. This One Being is a gigantic energy gestalt. It is present everywhere, it is the stuff that everything is made of. It is the very ground of all being.

3. Ultimate Reality is nonphysical. It is pure Awareness. Pure Consciousness. Mystics have called it The Void. Buddhist concepts were once translated as “nothingness”. However, “formlessness” would be more accurate. It is the pure Consciousness that creates all form.

4. This One Being/Energy desires direct experience. It creates countless forms and focuses its consciousness through each form – for the sheer experience of it. It divides its consciousness into an infinite number of fractalized consciousnesses.

5. Every physical form that exists is simply this One Being perceiving through that particular form. Each form is a specific perspective.

6. Humans are, of course, the One Being perceiving through the human form. That which some religions call “God” is not a separate being from humans. “God” is the very ground of all being, including humans. Humans are literally “God” manifested in physical form. So is everything else.

7. Because there is nothing outside of this One Being, it obviously rules out any idea of divine judgement or punishment. The only thing this One Being could possibly punish would be Itself – because there is nothing else. That, of course, would be absurd. The idea of divine punishment is entirely man-made, often just an attempt to control other people.

8. The most accurate English word to describe the One Being would probably be Love itself. Complete unconditional love with no judgement whatsoever. Complete and total acceptance.

9. All physical forms are simply the One Being moving in and out of physical form. The form lasts a relatively short time and then dies, but the Consciousness is untouched by the “death” of the physical form. Most streams of consciousness have experienced many physical forms, many “lives”.

10. Each fractalized consciousness chooses to incarnate in a physical form. There are many choices, and some choose to incarnate as a human on planet Earth.

11. In order to get the most out of the experience, the fractalized consciousness agrees to a kind of self-induced amnesia during the physical experience. This is to make the experience more real, and to gain the maximum benefit from the experience.

12. There are an infinite number of parallel universes and other realities. The only difference between them is the rate or frequency that the energy is vibrating.

13. All of these infinite number of realities exist in the same “space”. Time and space are actually illusions. Everything that exists is here and now.

14. You can only perceive energy that is a vibrational match to your own energy. All other energies are invisible to you.

15. A great analogy of how reality works is our radio or television. There are many radio stations broadcasting. All of them exist and are real, yet you can only perceive the one that your radio is tuned to. Your frequency must match the frequency of the station in order for you to perceive it. If you set your radio to 91.1, you cannot hear or perceive the station broadcasting on 105.5. Likewise, there are an infinite number of realities or parallel universes. All of them exist and are real, but we can only perceive the one that is a vibrational match to our own energy/vibration. There are many television stations also, but you can only see and hear the one that you tune to. The others are completely invisible to you until you change your channel to that frequency.

16. Also, the radio DJ is not inside the physical radio, nor are the TV characters inside the television box. Those physical items, like our physical bodies, are simply modes of expression for the nonphysical energies. When you turn the radio or TV off, the nonphysical energies do not cease to exist. They are still very much there, and still broadcasting. The death of the radio/TV box does not touch the nonphysical energy at all. The boxes are just one of many forms through which the nonphysical energy can flow.

17. We are constantly shifting through an infinite number of parallel realities every second. The ones we shift to match our own inner vibration – which is determined by our thoughts and beliefs. Reality is like a film running through a movie projector. Each parallel reality is a still frame on the film. When it is run through the projector (consciousness) the rapidly changing frames create the illusion of motion. This is actually what is happening with what we perceive as an external world around us.

18. In higher nonphysical realms it is obvious that thought creates reality because it happens instantaneously. However, in the slower, dense energy of physical reality, the illusion of time and space creates the illusion that things and events are just happening arbitrarily to you – rather than that they are happening as a direct result of your own thoughts and beliefs.

Highly evolved extraterrestrial entities are well aware of all of the above insights. All of that is very elementary stuff to them. As Bashar says, “This is just simple physics.”

Some of them are hundreds or thousands of years more advanced than Earth humans. Others are millions of years ahead of humans. Some are so advanced they don’t even need spaceships to travel – they simply do it by thought alone. None of them travel through physical space to get to Earth – that would be extremely primitive and absurd to them. They use far more advanced technology.

Some speculation on why the U.S. government has been so secretive on this subject matter:

So why has the U.S. government been so secretive about ETs and UFOs?  Back in the 1940s the government was evidently confronted with something far more powerful than themselves. They were not even in any position to protect their own people and nation from any imagined “threat” – if indeed any threat ever developed. This feeling of powerlessness does not set well with humans who are already disconnected from their Source/Higher Self, and it causes humans to do very strange things – just look at human history on this planet.

The government also may have felt it had discovered things that would be so shocking to so many people that chaos might ensue. They may have feared the collapse of organized religion. Can you imagine how a 1940s-America would  have reacted if the government had come out and told people that humans were actually created by the genetic science of extraterrestrials? That ETs took humanoid apes on Earth and mixed their own DNA with them to create a hybrid species we call homo sapiens? How would Christian fundamentalists have reacted to this news? (For that matter, how would Christian and Islamic fundamentalists react even today?) Evidently, this is no fantasy. At least one scientist who worked at S4 near Area 51 says he was given a book of documents to read, and this version of human origins was stated in the documents as if the government knew it as fact. Several other accounts reveal that the government also knows that the ancient gods of Greek mythology were actually ETs. And they surely realize the same is true of the gods of many other ancient civilizations as well. Clearly, they know that ETs have been dealing with Earth humans for many thousands of years – indeed, from the very beginning of the human race on this planet.

The channeled ETs have said these same things, and I put far more trust in them than anything any human government says. In fact, I was somewhat surprised to hear the government even knew about some of these things. But at this point in 2017 there may be a bigger reason the government has not yet come out with full disclosure of whatever they know. Certain people in-the-know fear prosecution for some of the things that have gone on for the past 70-plus years.

Another school of thought is that the powers-that-be do not want to give up their power – which is what would happen if people discovered that these elite knew about free energy from crashed UFOs, as well as from Nicola Tesla and numerous other inventors.

The big difference between most people in the governments (and indeed most humans overall) and those who understand metaphysics/spirituality and who they really are, is the fear factor. Those who know their True Self know there is nothing to fear – from ETs or anything else. Such people have no fear of death either. Unfortunately, many humans do not even understand who they themselves are or what they are doing here, much less who or what the ETs are. Such people have inner fears that they project onto their external experiences. And when it comes to something like ETs, it’s easy for such people to project an enormous amount of fear onto any encounter they have, thus distorting the whole experience and perceiving it as frightening. Governments tend to be rather paranoid to begin with, so it’s not surprising that they project their fears onto the ETs. Therefore, any announcement that the U.S. government ever makes about ETs/UFOs will likely be distorted with their own fears.

You will get a far more accurate picture of ETs by doing any of the following things:

1. By having your own direct experience with them.

2. By listening to what the ETs have to say through the best channelers. (Such as Rob Gauthier or Darryl Anka)

3. By listening to people who have had regular encounters with ETs and have already worked through their own fears on the subject.

There is much more that could be said on this topic, and probably will be in upcoming posts.



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