The Colour Purple

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Spiritual/Mystical

Several weeks ago I went to my favorite Bangkok bookstore and thumbed through a book on synchronicity for an hour before it was closing time. I’ve had many synchronistic experiences over the past two years or so, and lately many of them revolve around the colour purple.

This topic first came up when a British friend of mine was talking about how various people in England viewed a man wearing a pink shirt. I told him that in Thailand pink is not even considered the “gay colour”, but rather it’s purple. Later I mentioned that purple is rapidly becoming my favorite colour. I’ve always liked black and silver, but have recently been noticing what a lovely colour purple is.

Shortly after these brief conversations, I noticed purple began showing up in my experience a lot more, or so it seemed. On the night at the bookstore, the Siam Paragon was closing, and I decided I wanted purple to be the target of synchronistic experiences the rest of the evening, and headed for the exit.

I got to the escalator and noticed one whole side was draped in purple. Then I saw a display in purple on one of the floors on the way down. I got on the skytrain, glanced at the TV screen and there were a bunch of dancers in purple costumes. I looked out the window and saw a bright purple advertisement sign. As I approached the skytrain exit I took my ticket out of my pocket and glanced at it – the back side was facing up and it was solid purple. Before I’d gotten out of the skytrain area I ran into a bright purple Siam Commercial Bank. In the taxi the driver asked where to turn and I said at the 7-11 store, next to the purple bank.

Understand that I wasn’t looking around for something purple, it just kept coming straight into my experience, very easily and effortlessly. There was no trying at all on my part. I wasn’t even really thinking about it, until I saw something else purple. And every time it was somewhat surprising to me.

When I got home I sat down to reflect on what had happened, and got a profound impression that went something like this: “The outside always matches the inside. When you focus on something (anything) with your mind, it WILL manifest in the external world around you. It is impossible for it not to manifest because this is how the Universe works, this is how reality is created.”

The Universe/Source went on: Anything you think about, focus on, give your attention to, will manifest. And of course, that’s because the so-called external physical world that you perceive is a mind-created reality. It’s an externalization of your inner state, like looking into a mirror. It’s a vibrational interpretation. Your mind/consciousness translates the Energy around you into the picture you see, in much the same way a television translates Energy/waves into a picture. You also translate the Energy into sound in much the same way a radio does. All of your physical senses work this way. Your mind is creating a virtual reality that appears absolutely real to you.

I felt strongly impressed that whatever I wanted to experience, to just focus on it with my mind, and it would come into my experience. There’s no effort involved here at all. Be light and easy about it. And watch the Universe work the magic.

The next morning I walked to the gym. I’d no sooner got out of my building when I noticed a bunch of purple flowers I’d never seen before. When I got to the main street the first car I saw was bright purple. I walked along that street and saw some purple flower petals on the pavement, looked up and saw purple flowers in the tree above me. Glanced across the street and saw a bright purple ATM machine. Got to the gym and the staff was wearing purple shirts.

Several weeks have passed and the colour purple continues to come into my experience a lot, not least of which was when Prince died a few days later and all the tributes in purple that followed his death.

This week I finally bought the book “Synchronicity” and started reading the whole thing. I fully expect the synchronistic events (or my awareness of them) to continue to increase.


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