Happiness is Your Natural State

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Spiritual/Mystical

Your essential being is Prime Source Energy, which is 100% positive. Your Source never feels negative emotions, and neither do you as long as you are in vibrational alignment and perceiving things from Source’s perspective.

Some people think it’s natural for humans to feel negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, unhappiness, or despair. But you only feel negative emotions when you are out of sync with your Self/Source.

If it’s “common” for humans to regularly experience negative emotions it’s because most humans are out of sync much of the time. Negative emotions are simply indicators from your inner guidance system telling you that you’re out of alignment. The more out of sync you get, the stronger the negative emotions. Conversely, the more in alignment you are, the better you feel.

Can you gain spiritual benefits through suffering or experiencing negative emotions? Yes, but that’s going about it the long and hard way. Suffering is unnecessary, for whatever benefits or lessons you learn through suffering can be gained in other ways.

Happiness is your natural state, and automatically comes with being tapped into Source. The only thing keeping you from it is negative thoughts which produce negative emotions.

Happiness is not dependent on external conditions around you. It is an inner state of being – one which you have control over all the time.

So pay attention to your emotions, and feel your way into alignment. Focus your attention on things you like, things that make you feel good. This is the easiest way to get and stay in alignment.


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