You are Worthy and Loved

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Spiritual/Mystical

The primary cause of unhappiness is negative thinking. These negative thoughts are fear-based – the belief that you are in some way unworthy, and that the world is somehow against you.

It is often said that fear is the primary negative emotion, and that all other negative emotions are rooted in fear.

The good news is that fear is an illusion – it only exists in your mind. The same is true of the belief that you are unworthy, and that the world is against you. None of these have any basis in reality. In fact, the very opposite is true.

If you could see yourself, and all other humans, through the eyes of your Source, you’d see that we couldn’t possibly be any more worthy. That’s Source’s opinion of you, and because everything that exists is Source appearing in one form or another, the entire Universe is on your side.

When you tap into Source, and feel the overwhelming sense of unconditional love that Source has for you, you begin to realize your own worthiness, and that all of your negative thoughts are just mind-made illusions.

Then you can with ease begin to relax into this knowing, and everything begins to change. Everything.


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