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This past Sunday I had my second private session with Aridif, and it was an incredible experience. During the session Aridif connected me to a Zeta Reticuli grey and to an Arcturian, so I was able to speak with both for a few minutes. Very briefly, here are some of the highlights of the session:

First I asked Aridif for more information on the specific Zeta Reticuli greys that I’ve had physical encounters with since I was a child (as was revealed in my 1st session). He gave some detailed information about these beings, who are the original Zeta greys, and not one of the other similar-looking races that humans commonly call greys. He said they do have a “fondness” for me and for many other humans that they interact with, though they do not express emotions in the way humans do.

Next I asked for more details on the three encounters where these Zetas took my physical body into their UFO/spaceship. In the first encounter I was about six years old and was initially asleep when I suddenly and unexpectedly woke up on the spacecraft and saw them around me. I was more amazed than fearful, and this surprised the Zetas, who immediately put me back to sleep and wiped my memory of this experience.

In the second and third encounters they communicated with me at length, the third time for some 2.5 hours. Aridif said this interaction was not just the simple “Who are you, what are you doing with me, why am I here?”, and them giving answers. Rather, it was very deep integration of communication, with them digging into the consciousness attributes of myself and my conscious growth and expansion. As is usually done, the Zetas removed my memory of these encounters.

At this point I inserted a couple of questions from a close friend and my older brother, at their request. Aridif was able to read their energy and fully answer their questions in detail.

Next I asked Aridif about the “Holy Ghost” experiences I had in my old Pentecostal church back in the 1980s and early 1990s – what exactly was that energy I was tapping into?  He said it was what most humans would call a “kundalini rising” style of energy, or consider it to be an “open chakra flowing” energy. Aridif said what he perceived was that my chakra system was at its highest capacity during these experiences, it was opened up to the highest levels that it can open in those moments.

Then I asked about my experiences five years ago with the entheogen Salvia Divinorum, used by certain tribes in Mexico. Specifically I asked who the small, playful entities were that I encountered during those experiences. Aridif said they were the entities known as “fairy” energy.

Next I asked about the energy I am seeing with my eyes open during meditation these days, especially when the room is dark at night. I often perceive a swirling vortex of energy several feet in front of me. Aridif said that I am indeed perceiving energy, and that this vortex is close to what the spiritualism church calls “plasma”. He also said there were small orbs manifesting around me that I haven’t noticed because of their small size and dim illumination. He advised me to speak to these entities and ask them to illuminate themselves more so that I could more easily perceive them, and that they will sometimes increase to the size of a fist.

Then I asked about the apparently fully conscious out-of-body experience I had a few weeks ago, which also seemed to have some of the qualities of a lucid dream. He said “congratulations”, and that what actually happened was that I experienced entering into my 4th density body in a fully awakened state, and that very few humans have experienced this.

At this point I asked if Aridif could connect me to one of the Zeta Reticuli greys that I’ve had encounters with. He did, and the ensuing conversation was nothing short of surreal. I told the Zeta being that I desired contact with them, and especially physical contact experiences. He said I was soon due for another physical contact experience, that they followed strict protocols in their interactions with humans, and that he would ask the  “superior over the project” if it would be appropriate to allow my memory to remain intact of the experience this time. He went over some of their rules in their interactions with humans, and said that he did not think fear would be a big obstacle for me during a physical encounter. He also gave me some tips on how to connect with them during meditation.

Next Aridif connected me with an Arcturian at my request, as I’ve recently become aware that I’m deeply connected to them and have even lived several hundred lives as an Arcturian myself. I was just blown away that I was actually speaking with a member of this highly evolved and highly spiritual race. This entity was very friendly and loving, and commented that I have a lot more connections with the Arcturians than my mind is letting me in on now. He too gave me some tips on how to connect with them during meditation.

My last question dealt with taking medication for a couple of medical conditions I’ve been diagnosed with over the last few years, and the possibility of healing.

There is much more that could be said about many of these questions and answers, and I plan to post more on this session in the future.


ETs from a Higher Perspective

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical


I’ll be perfectly blunt here and cut right to the point, because there’s much confusion and misunderstanding about extraterrestrials in today’s world.

ETs have been visiting Earth long before humans arrived on the scene. In fact, extraterrestrials seeded all life forms on Earth, beginning with the simplest single-celled organism. The same is true of all planets in the universe where lifeforms exist.

Extraterrestrials originally come from Source (humans often call this “God”), which is a gigantic energy gestalt. Humans also originate from Source, as does everything else that exists. Everything is Source energy appearing in various forms. This understanding is found in countless metaphysical traditions throughout history, and is beautifully expressed in the Advaita Vedanta school of Hinduism.

As the All That Is, Source desires direct experience, and thus propels itself through countless forms in order to gain direct experience through those forms. Every form is actually Source itself perceiving and experiencing life through that particular form. This gives Source countless different perspectives through which it can have direct experience.

The way in which Source creates life on the various planets throughout the universe is by having highly evolved extraterrestrials seed and then nurture those life forms on countless planets. Earth is no exception. The ETs are carrying out the prime directive of Source.

These ETs have been observing and nurturing all life forms on Earth from the beginning, including humans. Therefore, visitations by extraterrestrial spacecraft in recent decades is nothing new. It has been going on forever.

However, when Earth humans created atomic bombs in 1945 it certainly got the attention of the ETs, and they were concerned that humans had created such destructive weapons while their spiritual consciousness still lagged far behind their technology. The fact that humans were still so warlike and now possessed the technology to destroy the planet led to the increase in extraterrestrial visitations.

There is much misunderstanding over the so-called “alien abduction” experiences. These are not really “abductions” at all. “Visitations” would be a more accurate term. Every single human who is ever taken in this manner agreed to these visitations from non-physical before incarnating in human form. This agreement is often called a soul contract. Most humans do not consciously remember these agreements, just as most humans do not consciously remember their many past lives.

One of the main reasons for these agreements is to help certain extraterrestrial races out who can no longer reproduce, and who have embarked on hybridization programs to continue their race. Earth humans are multidimensional beings, having many different ET races in our DNA, which makes us highly valued for these programs.

The reason there is so much fear among humans about these ET visitations is because humans have been in a state of perceived disconnection from their Source/Higher Self for thousands of years. As such, most humans have a lot of inner fear, which is projected onto the ET visitation experience and interpreted as a negative, fearful experience. Humans do the same with many other experiences in life, especially those we do not understand.

Perhaps the best way to uncover the truth about one’s own ET visitation experiences is to have a hypnotherapist do a regression on you by putting you in a deep trance state. It needs to be deep enough to get the fearful conscious mind out of the way, which allows the Subconscious (or Higher Self) to come through and describe the experience in objective terms – without the distortions of the conscious mind’s perceptions. In this way, the hypnotherapist can discover what really took place.

Also, in this deep trance state, the ETs themselves will sometimes come through and speak, explaining in detail what is going on and the reasons for what they are doing.

As Dolores Cannon often stated, through this method she regressed thousands of clients back to their ET visitation experiences and never found a single negative case. Once the fearful conscious mind’s distorted perceptions are removed, what comes through is a very different picture of what took place.

Many visitations are ETs observing and doing tests on humans, as a way of monitoring our bodies and how they are responding to Earth’s environment. They have been doing this since the beginning of the human race.

The extraterrestrials do not want to disrupt our lives, understanding that we chose to come into these human forms for the experience. They therefore often erase our conscious memory of the visitation so as not to interfere with our normal life.

ETs sometimes place implants in humans during visitations. These are nothing to be alarmed about. They are monitoring devices to help the ETs keep track of us, and also to keep us healthy. The implants are benign.

Contact with extraterrestrials is a deeply spiritual/metaphysical phenomenon. To really understand what it’s all about one needs to have at least a basic understanding of metaphysics. In essence, the ETs are us and we are them. They are a deeper, more highly evolved version of us – which is why those humans who are spiritually aware feel such a strong connection and love for them.

The more spiritually aware a human is, the more likely they will interpret their ET encounters as positive. The more disconnected a human is, the more likely they will view the encounter from a fearful, disconnected perspective and interpret it as negative.

As with everything in life, your own inner state of consciousness determines your perception of the external world around you. The external world is merely a reflection of your own internal state, and how you perceive and experience ET visitations is no exception.

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light-language-transformation-jamye-price-1The revelations are coming so fast and furious I hardly have time to write them all down. Tonight I got another jolt, and then synchronicity swooped in in a delightful manner.

The third chapter of the book Being With the Beings which I’m reading is an interview of Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, who I was not familiar with. So I looked her up on youtube and came across some videos of her talking about light language, and also speaking it. Though I’d come across the term light language in Jacqueline Smith’s section of Being With the Beings, I didn’t know exactly what it was until tonight. Much to my surprise, it appears to be what Pentecostal Christians call speaking in tongues!

I first heard Vanessa speaking light language, as at 1:45 in this video:

Not only does it sound like speaking in tongues, but the explanation of what it is, how it works, and its purpose fits perfectly with my own experience of speaking in tongues (I am an ex-Pentecostal Christian who spoke in tongues almost daily for over 11 years). Check out the explanations of light language on these two videos:


All of this resonates with me and describes the speaking in tongues experience perfectly. It is the soul speaking, a deeper part of you, and has nothing to do with the conceptual mind – which it bypasses completely. It is a direct experience.

As I continued looking for more videos on light language I came across a girl who lives in Bangkok who speaks and teaches light language, and has a Lyran Sirian Feline connection. So I texted her, telling her about my Pentecostal background and ET connections, and got a quick reply. She is currently in Peru on a shamanic journey. So I texted her again and told her I recently did a past life regression and it was of a shaman in Peru in 900 A.D. What a coincidence!

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maxresdefaultI recently found a couple videos that were very helpful in putting me at ease over my contact with the Greys from Zeta Reticuli. They are of Reuben Langdon interviewing Lyssa Royal Holt and the extraterrestrial being called Sasha that she channels. At the end of the first video (at 44:30 of Lyssa talks about the Japanese perspective of the Zetas being totally different from that of Westerners. When she talks about or channels the Zetas in Japan their hearts open, and they just love the Zetas. She also notices that there are very, very few “abduction” stories in Japan. This evidently has to do with the Japanese feeling a strong kinship with the Zetas because of their cultural similarities in the sense of not showing emotions. (Lyssa has worked in Japan for 26 years. She is also the first interviewee in Miguel Mendonca’s Being with the Beings).

In the 2nd video Reuben asks Sasha about the different stories he’s heard of the Zetas (at 2:22 of Sasha talks about the 3rd era of the Zetas, with many people in the past 5-10 years tapping into that 3rd era consciousness in which the Zetas have awakened, with their emotional and mental bodies coming into alignment and integration. They’ve become like an elder race acting as mentors of younger ET species. These ideas not only put me at ease, but greatly increase my excitement over my contact with the Zetas.

It seems increasingly clear to me that the way in which we view our contact experience with ETs has a whole lot to do with our own inner state of consciousness and our own perspective of those particular extraterrestrial races.

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Out-of-body breakthrough!

Posted: September 5, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical

Last night I had a major breakthrough with a fully conscious, full-fledged OBE (out-of-body experience). I’ve been wanting to have one since 1997 when I first heard William Buhlman on the radio and then read his book, Adventures Beyond the Body. However, I hadn’t been thinking much about OBEs lately because I’ve been so consumed with excitement over my contact with extraterrestrials.

It was when I heard Buhlman describing OBEs in detail on the radio in 1997 that I first realized I’d experienced the beginning stage of OBEs as far back as 1980 when I had some bizarre experiences in the night. But in those instances I only hovered a few inches above my body.

Last night I had asked one of my spirit guides to help me open my third eye, and was looking to see if I could see anything with my eyes completely closed – something I’ve been able to do at times in recent weeks and months, and sometimes very clearly. Last night I began seeing into what appeared to be other realities, other worlds, when the next thing I knew I was floating around away from my body. The vibrations I was feeling seemed to be what was propelling me around.

I remembered the tips from William Buhlman, such as don’t think about your physical body, and instead focus on where you want to go. Going from point A to point B during an OBE can be accomplished by thought alone. The natural inclination is to try and use your “body” to move about, but I’d tried this years ago and it didn’t work – I just stayed inches above my body.

Last night I thought about going outdoors, and then I found myself flying around outside. I went from place to place, some indoors and some outdoors, and encountered some walls and closed doors. I knew I could simply go straight through these closed doors. Sometimes I felt a little resistance, but kept focusing on going straight through the door, and then I was able to do it. Just as Buhlman had said, I could feel the energy of the door as I passed through it.

There were other humans around too. I approached some of these people and wondered if they’d be able to see me. I realized they could, and they were also aware that I was having an OBE. These humans appeared to be in the astral world also (or whatever reality I was in). I don’t believe I was seeing people in the physical world.

I recognized one particular place I was in as a room and building where I often go in my dream state, for some reason. There are usually humans in that room, and there were last night as well.

I’ve heard much about lucid dreams, but had never had one before. This experience seemed like what I imagined a lucid dream would be like, in the sense that I had my full waking consciousness and was aware of what was happening, and had control over what I did. Other than being fully conscious and awake, the reality I was in seemed somewhat dreamlike. (Perhaps because it was the astral realm, which is where I often go during dreams).

The experience further confirmed what I’ve long suspected – that my “dreams” are actually excursions into other realities that are every bit as real as the physical world, if not even more real. When I awaken in the morning I remember these excursions in bits and pieces as “dreams”. But they were actually real, and sometimes (or always?) the experience is an OBE.

The big difference last night was that my normal waking consciousness that perceives the physical world was fully aware during the OBE, and knew that the experience was as real as anything I experience in physical reality. The experience seemed to last quite a long while. When I returned to my physical body I was still aware of what was going on. I looked at the time and about 20 minutes had passed.

I reached for my phone to text my friend in the USA (who has been on a similar journey, and is ecstatically excited about the prospect of having his first OBE). His last text to me last night as I went to bed (and which I hadn’t seen yet) was:

“..and may u have an OBE.”

Ha! This was typical of the synchronicity that pops up continually in my life, and it was especially noticeable since we hadn’t even been discussing OBEs at all lately. I quickly sent a reply:

“OBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bits and Pieces of ET Contact

Posted: September 2, 2017 in Spiritual/Mystical


In recent weeks and months I’ve had various experiences during meditation that appear to fall into the “ET contact” category.

One night I was meditating and asked Aridif to give me a sign or let me feel his energy if he was present or could hear me. As soon as I said these words, I immediately felt what seemed to be a hand made of energy touch the top of my head and a very definite tingling sensation around my crown chakra area followed. Whoa! I’d never felt anything like that before, especially on the top of my head. The timing of it was far beyond anything that could be passed off as “coincidence”. (I concluded long ago that there was no such thing as coincidence anyway).

Another night during meditation I suddenly, and completely out of the blue, saw the word ARCTURIAN spelled out in a mental picture, very similar to the way I received some words spelled out during my recent past life regression. I had not been thinking about Arcturians at all, and this sudden experience seemed to be coming from an outside source, like a telepathic message from an ET. This was the beginning of the realization that I have a deep connection to the Arcturians.

A few nights later I was meditating while listening to a youtube video of Arcturian meditation music. While listening and focusing on the Arcturians, I began to feel an energy I’d never felt before. It’s hard to describe, but the most striking thing about it to me was how very, very light it felt. Lighter than air, lighter than a feather. It was an awesome energy to feel, as these were obviously very highly evolved beings. And their unconditional love for humans is mind-blowing and certainly enough to make you cry tears of joy as you stand in awe of their presence.

This energy felt quite different from what I’ve for years called “Source energy”, which I first tapped into during my first-ever visit to a Pentecostal church on December 30, 1979, and which the Pentecostals call the Holy Ghost. Both the Pentecostal and Arcturian energies I experienced felt 100% positive. I’m very familiar with the Pentecostal experience, having tapped into that energy on an almost daily basis for over 11 years back in the 1980s and early 1990s. But this Arcturian energy was noticeably different, though still very pure and positive.

A few nights ago I was meditating and focusing on the Grey entities from Zeta Reticuli that Aridif told me I had co-created with in both physical and non-physical ways. I asked these Greys if they were present to let me feel their energy, and immediately I felt a strong energetic prickling sensation around the tip of my right index finger. This was unusual, something I’d never felt before. Again, the timing of the experience was just too perfect to be passed off as mere coincidence.

Several months ago I began to notice during meditation what appears to be a vortex of swirling energy straight ahead in my vision. It’s most visible when my eyes are open while meditating at night with all the lights off. The darker the room, the more obvious this energy appears. I notice that the energy is swirling clockwise, but if I keep looking I can also see it spinning counterclockwise. It appears to be swirling in both directions at once.

Then I heard Drunvalo Melchizedek say in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life that the Mer-Ka-Ba energy fields around our bodies spin both clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously. I was startled when I heard this, and wondered if I was actually seeing the Mer-Ka-Ba.

In addition to seeing this swirling vortex of energy, I also began to see energy moving around the room – here and there as if I’m getting glimpses of entities or shadow beings. I get the feeling the room is filled with non-physical beings and I’m beginning to get glimpses of them.

And then there was the night I woke up out of a deep sleep with a buzzing sound in my right ear. It was a very definite physical-feeling experience, and I assumed a tiny insect was in my ear. This was a very strange experience, something I’d never had happen before. I instinctively put my finger in my ear and the buzzing stopped.

I was so convinced it was an insect that I went to the hospital to get my ear checked in the morning, concerned that I’d killed the insect with my finger and it was lodged inside my ear. However, my intuition was telling me the buzzing was related to ETs or my spiritual awakening process.

The doctor found nothing, and I got the impression the doctor didn’t believe there was ever an insect in my ear. As I walked back to the waiting room, I got the strong intuitive feeling that the buzzing was definitely ET-related. That feeling was so strong I actually told my waiting Thai friend that it was not an insect at all. Rather, the buzzing was connected to ETs. I was surprised I said this to him, but the intuitive feeling was so strong I just spoke it out loud.

When I asked Aridif about this incident during my private session, he told me the Greys were physically in my room in the hours before I woke up with the buzzing sound. After they left I then connected to my hybrid children in my sleep state. When I awoke I was connected both physically and non-physically to the children, and that’s why the buzzing seemed so physical to me.

The idea that the Greys were in my room in a physical form while I was asleep was both stunning and very exciting to me. I really want to have physical experiences with them and have full conscious remembrances of those experiences.

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Over the past few months it has become increasingly apparent to me that society’s anti-extraterrestrial propaganda does not resonate with me at all. I refer to such silliness as Hollywood movies portraying ETs as “evil” and intent on taking over the Earth.

I can hardly imagine anything more ludicrous – an idea that is firmly rooted in the worst forms of xenophobia, a prejudice every bit as ugly and unacceptable as racism among humans – and as always, firmly rooted in fear.

I also see mindless and hysterical reactions to the UFO and ET phenomenon from some government and military officials, and even from some of those interested in Ufology, including some of the contactees themselves.

It seems obvious to me that all of this fear-based hysteria boils down to the same thing: humans who are largely disconnected from their spiritual Self projecting their own inner fears onto an external phenomenon.

It’s the same old, tired game that’s been going on for millennia. Humans get so out of touch with their true Self, their Source, that they become blind, negative and fearful – especially of anything they do not fully understand. They then lash out against the perceived object of their fears.

Those who fall into this trap simply do not understand metaphysics or genuine spirituality. They have forgotten who and what they truly are. If they remembered, they would know that fear is a self-created illusion.

What does resonate with me is my own direct experience with ETs, which is entirely positive. Also people like Dolores Cannon and her 100% positive, eye-opening and inspiring books. When Ms. Cannon said she had regressed thousands of ET-contact cases and never found a single negative case – a veil was being lifted.

Those who view the so-called “alien abductions” with fear are always viewing it from the standpoint of the conscious mind of the human. When Dolores Cannon regressed her clients into the deep trance state known as the Somnambulistic state, which got the fearful conscious mind out of the way and allowed the Subconscious (or Higher Self) to take over, the perception of the entire ET experience changed remarkably. It became 100% positive and perfectly reasonable. And when the ETs themselves began communicating directly through the clients while in that deep trance state, it lifted the veil on the whole phenomenon.

Dolores Cannon once said that the conscious mind is the stupidest part of the human being. Indeed. How can we possibly expect people who don’t even know who and what they are to be able to accurately interpret an experience as strange (from the conscious mind’s perspective) as these?

I highly recommend Dolores Cannon’s books, especially the ones that deal directly with ET contact. I’ve recently read Keepers of the Garden, The Custodians, and am currently reading Convoluted Universe: Book 1. These are priceless in making sense of the ET-visitation phenomenon.

Others who resonate deeply with me are people like Rob Gauthier and the loving and fascinating extraterrestrial beings he channels. A wealth of profound insights await those who delve into this man’s connection to higher levels of consciousness/energies.

There are many more inspiring people out there, but suffice it to say that every time I find something that feels right to me, that resonates deep within, it’s always with the perspective that the overwhelming majority of ETs are highly evolved beings who love humans and have nothing but our best interests at heart.

And Dolores Cannon’s Keepers of the Garden reveals that the ETs were here on Earth long before humans ever arrived on the scene. They not only planted the seeds of human life here, but of all life – from the beginning with single-celled organisms.

This is simply how it’s done, not only on Earth, but on every planet in the universe. The highly evolved ETs carry out Source’s (God’s) prime directive of seeding lifeforms throughout the cosmos.

These beings have no interest at all in “taking over” the Earth. They don’t even think like that – those are the thoughts of disconnected humans. Had they ever wanted to do such a thing, they could have easily done it at any time during the Earth’s very long history.

My advice is for people to ignore the silly, small-minded depiction of ETs so often found in movies, or any fear-based approach to the subject. Dive deep within yourself and find out what’s really going on with this fascinating and inspiring topic.

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Three-minute video summing up Dolores Cannon’s findings on ET contact with humans:

Recently received my special-ordered book Being With the Beings: The How and Why of ET Contact by Miguel Mendonca from a Bangkok bookstore. I wanted it mostly because my main man Rob Gauthier (along with Aridif) is one of the nine people interviewed in it, and I’d heard some excellent youtube interviews with the author and Rob. All nine people featured have had long, ongoing interaction with a wide variety of extraterrestrial entities.

I immediately turned to Rob’s chapter first, and wow, this is a very deep dive into ET contact. Fascinating discussion of the various dimensions and extraterrestrials Rob has connected to, as well as the process he uses to make contact, among other things. Aridif (6th density Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb) is also channeled and interviewed in the chapter. As always, he is both lovable and fascinating.

I am somewhat familiar with four of the other people interviewed, having seen Jacquelin Smith and Robert Fullington in an excellent youtube video on the Mantis beings, and having heard the galactic artist Vashta Narada in several videos. I also saw the energetic Krista Raisa in an interview with Miguel on youtube.

I’m not yet familiar with the others interviewed here, but looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

I’m reading this along with Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe: Book 1, and I must say I am thrilled with both books.

Here’s an excellent youtube interview with Miguel Mendonca and Rob Gauthier. They get into a riveting discussion on various aspects of ET contact.

Image  —  Posted: August 30, 2017 in Books, Spiritual/Mystical

The first question I asked Aridif (the 6th density Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb channeled by Rob Gauthier) during my private session of August 6, 2017 (Sunday morning Bangkok time), was which ET races was I connected with? I had received some telepathic/mental images during meditation a few weeks earlier that I perceived was from Arcturians, so I expected he would confirm that. I had no idea what else Aridif might say, but I knew he would lift the veil on some things I wanted to know.

Here’s what Aridif told me: (He tends to be quite complex, and I’m often keeping his wording below)

He said there are multiple varieties of energies that co-create with me, as there are with all human beings. But there are a handful of energies that co-create with me the most and the most directly.

Most of my connections are in the dream state, non-physical consciousness, and higher fractalized consciousness (higher self). But in some of my co-creations there are even some physical exchanges of energies.

The physical connections are with entities perceived as Grey entities, or Zeta Reticuli entities, which I have co-created with for a great deal of my current lifetime in both physical and non-physical ways. I have been involved in their hybrid programs during this life, as well as my previous three Earth-human incarnations.

He said he perceived three incidents where I was physically taken out of my area and went with them into their spacecrafts. The first such incident occurred between the age of 5 1/2 – 7 years old.

However, most of my physical experiences with these Greys occur during my sleep state when they communicate with me in my dream state region, and then the other entities that are in their own collective consciousness physically come into my bedroom and take DNA samples (from my hair and skin), but none that are deeply intrusive.

I asked Aridif a question about an incident three months ago where I woke up in the middle of the night with a buzzing sound in my ear, which sounded very physical and I thought was a tiny insect in my ear. I even went to the hospital in the morning and got it checked, but the doctor found nothing. My intuition was telling me all along that the buzzing sound was related to ETs or spirituality, but my rational mind was concerned it was an insect.

Aridif told me that the Zeta Reticuli Grey entities had physically been in my room that night in the hours before I awakened, and after they left I was communicating with my hybrid children in both a physical and non-physical form, which was why the buzzing seemed so physical when I suddenly woke up.

He also said these Grey entities “understand the nature of your crown chakra and third eye chakra.”

At this point in the session I was rather stunned, mostly because I’d been focusing on my Arcturian connection for weeks and hadn’t been thinking about the Greys at all.

However, a few months ago I had listened to some videos by Bridget Nielsen and also by Gabe Salomon on youtube where they were talking about the Greys and their hybrid programs. These videos did resonate with me, and I recall Gabe stopping a few minutes into one video and saying that if the listener is wondering if they’re involved with these hybridization programs – “Well, let me just say that if you’re still listening to this video and haven’t turned it off, you are involved.” When he said that, my intuition confirmed what he’d just said.

Next Aridif went over a list of several extraterrestrial races that I have had non-physical contact with.

He said these energies are connected to me in my dream-state consciousness, in my higher fractalized consciousness, and in other versions of my own self.

Pleiadians: three versions of Pleiadian consciousness – two taking a humanoid form, one taking a Grey-human hybrid form. I’ve co-created with these beings multiple times, especially in my dream state.

Sirians: connected deeply with a Sirian consciousness, even working with an energetic network grid that links human consciousness to Sirian consciousness. This grid system links their solar system with ours, and especially their planet with Earth. Aridif is over my head here, as I don’t recall previously hearing anything about this type of grid system. I need to do some research on this. (I just found a video today where this is mentioned by a Sirian that Aridif connected to Rob – one of the galactic monthly channelings of last year on ET Whisperer youtube channel).

Arcturians: there are multiple varieties of Arcturian races, but I’m working with two races specifically. One is a blue humanoid consciousness, and the other blue entities that would appear to be a blue version of an altered Grey consciousness – but their skin appears to be blue and the majority of their bodies a humanoid form. (This description appears to fit the above artwork by Vashta Narada of an Arcturian ET, and which I had already set as the background pic on my computer prior to my session with Aridif).

He said these are a few of the entities that I’ve co-created with, but ones who co-create with me in a larger sense in my dream state.

In answering a later question, Aridif said I have lived several hundred lifetimes as an Arcturian, and that I’m deeply connected to the Arcturians – because I’ve co-created with that energy in my physical body, I utilize and use more of the Arcturian energy than any other extraterrestrial race that shared their DNA with humanity. Because I activate more of this Arcturian energy, I therefore understand, resonate, and connect with it more than the other energies.

This was the basic information Aridif gave me in answering my very first question, with a few related details he gave to follow-up questions.

More on the session with Aridif in later posts. When Rob Gauthier posts the session on his ET Whisperer youtube channel I will provide a link here on this blog.



Credit: Vashta Narada.

On August 6, 2017 I had a private session with Aridif, an Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb channeled by Rob Gauthier. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in here yet, but I’ve been listening to bits and pieces of the recording ever since, and still trying to process the wealth of information Aridif gave me – much of which was jaw-dropping astonishing.

I knew the session would be very important for me, as I’d listened to many of the private sessions Aridif has done with others which are posted on youtube. I’ve never heard an entity that resonates so deeply with me. I just love and adore Aridif.

I had a list of questions I wanted to ask beforehand, and sometimes Aridif would say things that were so mind-blowing I’d ask follow-up questions. Like when he told me I’d had physical encounters with Greys from Zeta Reticuli my whole life! And that I’ve been involved with their hybridization programs not only my whole life, but also in my three previous lives.

I knew I had deep connections with the Arcturians because I’d perceived that during meditation in the previous weeks before the session, but I was not expecting the lifting of the veil to reveal a deep connection with the Greys.

Here are the questions I asked Aridif:

35:15 – I’ve been interested in metaphysics for many years, but only in the past few months have I come to realize I have connections with ETs. Can you tell me which ET races I have connections with?
39:25 – Do you mean I was taken physically by Greys into their spaceships?
41:16 – Do I have hybrid children?
42:40 – Can you tell me why I was aware of my Arcturian connection, but not the others?
43:52 – About how many human incarnations have I had on Earth?
46:20 – About three months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a buzzing sound in my right ear. I thought it was a tiny insect and instinctively put my finger in my ear, and the buzzing stopped. Concerned that I may have killed the insect inside my ear, in the morning I went to the hospital to get it checked. The doctor found nothing. The whole time I had the intuitive feeling that the buzzing had something to do with ETs. Can you shed some light on this strange incident?
47:25 – Many years ago when I was a teenager I had some bizarre experiences in the night. Several times I woke up in a paralyzed state and felt like I was floating just above my body. The energy around the bed was extremely strong and tangible, and sometimes made loud noises. I also felt the presence of one or more entities around me. At the time I did not understand these experiences and they scared me. Years later I realized they were the beginning of out-of-body experiences (after hearing OBEs explained in detail). After that when they’d occur I felt no fear and perceived the entities as my benevolent spirit guides. Can you tell me what these entities actually were?
48:28 – I did not actually see them. I could just feel them, and “knew” they were there. And sometimes I could hear them speaking to each other (telepathically in my mind?)
51:02 – About two months ago I had my first and only past life regression. I expected the trance state to be deeper. I was in such a light trance state, and the mental images were so subtle, that I was unsure whether I was perceiving an actual past life or if I was just “making it up”. The past life was of a shaman in Peru around the year 900 A.D.  Can you tell me if this was an actual past life?
53:45 – Five years ago my 25-year-old Thai roommate died quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Can you give me any information on how he is doing and if he has any message for me?
55:45 – Can you tell me about my spirit guides?
59:25 – Where in Europe did we die in 1944?

Oddly, my voice cannot be heard on the recording Rob sent me, but Aridif is loud and clear. The session will be posted on youtube eventually, and I’ll provide a link on this blog.

I’ve already got a list of questions for my second session with Aridif. I especially want more details on the Grey entities from Zeta Reticuli that I have had such long-term connections with. Aridif told me they’ve taken me at least three times physically into their spacecrafts, but most of the physical encounters with them are during my sleep state when they come into my room in physical form and take DNA samples from my hair and skin.

I also have non-physical connections with Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians. But it was the physical encounters with the Greys that most surprised me. He confirmed that one physical encounter was three months ago when I woke up with a buzzing sound in my right ear.

More on this later..